January 2018

The State of Trump's Union

This just in:  I didn’t watch the State of the Union address live.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I have learned that nothing Trump says means anything and secondly, Guardians of the Galaxy was on another channel. I did read quite a bit about it and came away feeling unimpressed.  This does not […]

This just in:  The United States holds itself up as the “greatest country in the history of the world.” Ironically, we will clamor to claim our Great Leader a success if he is able to read the State of the Union Address without going off script. That’s it.  Forget about the sex scandals, Russia, alienating […]

State of the Union

This just in:  This week, Donald Trump will deliver the State of the Union Address.  My prediction is simple…he will take credit for everything and the blame for nothing.  He will claim to be a great unifier and then disparage those that oppose him. Let me show you, in one picture, what Donald Trump has […]

This just in:  I have no doubt that Trump is problematic.  It could be the lying.  It could be Russia.  It could be the protectionism.  It could be the racism.  It could be the childish behavior.  It could be a lot of things. What has been a bit of a mystery to me is how […]

This just in:  A few years ago, the Republican Party shut down the government because they wanted Obamacare repealed.  You may recall that this was a bluff as they had not replacement ready, even years later.  In short, they shut the government down to impress their gullible base who didn’t like the black man in […]

This just in:  I don’t care about anyone’s opinion about things like abortion or gun control or food stamps. I don’t care because I welcome the diversity of views.  Tell me about what you believe and I’ll respond and we can discuss the issues and hopefully come to learn more about each other’s position.  In […]


This just in:  If you are like most people over the last year you are probably wondering “What the F*&k is going on in Washington?” I’m here to help. I’ll just look at the big things… The United States is desperately low in workers at all levels. Trump responds to this by cancelling DACA, a […]

This just in:  As of August 2017, there were 6.2 million unfilled jobs in the United States. I know there are people thinking, “If there are so many jobs, why don’t I have one?” There could be a lot of reasons for this.  Maybe the jobs are not in your town.  Maybe you are over […]

This just in:  I have tried and tried to find out why people would support someone like Trump.  The following is my attempt to round up what I think are some of those reasons. Reason #1:  The Democrats have yet to coalesce around a vibrant candidate with a powerful position.  Instead, they are the same […]

This just in:  President Trump speaks at a 4th grade level.  He also uses incomplete or run-on sentences, making it difficult to ascertain what he is actually trying to convey by context alone. I’m here to help. The following is a list of what Trump says followed by what he actually means: Trump Says: “I […]