February 2018

This just in:  Sometimes completely unrelated things happen in such a way as to appear that there may be a relationship, where there is not.  Here is a website that is dedicated to such things.  This is really interesting and I recommend you check out the link. Now… At other times, things that appear related […]

This just in: Our elected officials are just that….elected.  Who we elect will dictate the direction our country takes at any given time.  If you vote, you are helping to put people in place that will take us in a direction you want to go.  If you don’t vote, you are letting others elect people […]

The Greatest Heist

This just in:  The Republican Party and Donald Trump are perpetrating the greatest robbery in the history of the world. It started with the tax cut.  This cut gave an average American about $1,000 a year in additional disposable income.  This also gave the Koch brothers $27,000,000 in additional disposable income  PER WEEK! I mention […]

This just in:  Congress overwhelmingly passed sanctions against Russia last year to punish them for influencing our elections. Trump has refused to implement these sanctions based on the idea that “The Russians have learned their lesson.” At the exact same time, every national security agency is saying loud and clear, “Russia has not learned any […]

This just in:  Trump and the GOP are becoming the “party that cried wolf” as one scandal after another is shown to be nothingburgers. About a week ago, texts between two FBI sweethearts referred to a “secret society.”  Fox News, the entire Republican Party and, of course, President Trump, took this ball and ran with […]

This just in:  The United States has a very large population of uneducated racists that will believe anything they are told. That is the problem. Trump releases a memo that basically says, “Carter Page has been under FBI investigation for about a year because of suspected ties to Russia.” Trump then holds this up and […]