Review of Paul Ryan’s Town Hall on CNN

This just in:  Last night Paul Ryan held a town hall style meeting on CNN.  I have to admit that he was a breath of fresh air after listening to Donald Trump.  While I didn’t agree with everything he said, I understood his position and he seemed to be trying to be truthful.  Trump is just a con that makes stuff up, has no plan and seems completely out of touch with the real world.

Back to Ryan…

On ObamaCare

  • Ryan spent at least half his time telling us how bad Obamacare is.  He said he wants to go really fast to repeal and replace this.  Great.  However, where has he been for the last several years?  Where has he been when Obama asked all of congress to try and work together to fix the program? He actually said “It would be irresponsible to watch Obamacare fail and do nothing.”  I threw up a little in my mouth when he said that.
  • Ryan claims to have a plan but really gave only gave one idea; an idea that I find interesting.  He plans to pool the high risk people into a group and have the government subsidize their insurance so everyone else that is low risk can pay lower insurance.  Interesting idea.
  • He also said he wants competition between companies.  I’m not sure how he will do this. Insurance companies are dropping out of Obamacare because they can’t make money even when the rates are going up quickly.  How is saying, “Come back and compete in a system that will lower your company’s income even more” possibly going to sound attractive?
  • He cited how other industrialized countries have more affordable and better health care than us.  He then failed to follow up with “Why aren’t we doing what those other countries are doing?”
  • A lot of what he was saying came down to “A unicorn in every stable.”  He’s promising better insurance to more people with a lower cost without the government interfering.  Keep your policy.  Pick your own doctor.  All at a lower cost.
  • Magic beans….but I wish him luck.

On Medicare

  • Claims it will be insolvent in the next decade.
  • Says his plan will keep it going while allowing people to pick their own doctors
  • It never came up that this is really the voucher plan.  Recall that this is a plan where they give you money and you buy your own insurance on the open market.  The voucher will increase annually by about 1% while costs will go up by double digits.  In a few years….the voucher will not buy anything.

On Infrastructure

  • Claims to want to rebuilt infrastructure
  • Said they will rebuild everything.
  • When asked how he will do this while cutting taxes and increasing military spending, he said “We’ll have to find a way to pay for it.”
  • My guess is that they will just increase the amount of economic growth they estimate they will get by lowing taxes.

On immigration

  • He blames illegals for crime.  If only we had laws that keep repeat offenders out.  Wait!  We do!  So, he wants to build a fence.  Do you know what drug lords say when they here we are building a fence?  “We’ll get over it.”
  • He says “Obama went around Congress when he stopped us from deporting families”.  He forgot that Obama, almost every week, asked congress for solutions to the immigration issue.  He did this for 18 months.  However, Congress did nothing….just like they did nothing to help with Obamacare.

On taxes

  • He claims out corporate tax rate is 35% while other countries have a 25% corporate tax rate.  He failed to mention that our “realized” tax rate is below 20% because of loopholes.  Now, he claims that he will eliminate loop holes but didn’t mention which ones.  He also claimed his tax cuts would pay for themselves.  This is a reference to the idea behind the Laffer curve which says there is a place where lower taxes will increase tax revenue because it spurs growth.  The GOP ignore that this same curve also says that if you lower it too much you will make less revenue.  History says that growth from tax cuts is short lived.  I’m not saying he’s wrong.  I’m saying that history disagrees with the GOP on this issue…quite clearly.

Somehow I felt much better about the future of our country after listening to Paul Ryan.  He is a very clever man and has some ideas that he feels strongly about.  While I disagree with a lot of what he had to say, I want to be open enough to hear him and give his positions some considerations.

Overall,  he was promising a lot of unicorns and pigs with lipstick. 

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…





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