This just in:  Wells Fargo’s CEO got chewed up by Elizabeth Warren and rightfully so.  During her scolding she said it’s time we said “Enough” when it comes to Wall Street executives not being held accountable.

I am posting this post titled “Enough” in support of Liz.  If you are reading this and it was reposted by someone else, you should consider that they are saying “Enough” as well.

I’m thinking that most of us will simply whisper “enough” in our thoughts and move on to the next issue…maybe breakfast.  This is what Wall Street is counting on.

Lately I have been reading about how Opioid producers lobby congress to keep marijuana illegal.

We have  all been reading about how Big Oil is lobbying congress to deny climate change and not support green energy.

We have all been reading about how the NRA pays congress to stop research into gun violence.

Food manufactures lobby (bribe congress) to lift safeguards on food.

The defense industry lobbys (bribe congress) to sell arms overseas.

For Profit Prisons lobby to keep the war on drugs alive.

Big Pharma lobbys to keep drug prices high.

Heathcare companies lobby to stop Single Payer healthcare.

Wall Street lobbys to lift oversight because “we have learned our lessons.”

All of this is nothing more than “People with money paying for the government THEY want; not the government we elected people to be.”

I wouldn’t have a problem with this is all this BIG Money was being spent to get legislation that bettered our lives; but its not.  In fact, its just the opposite.  Unless pollution, drug overdoses, war and poverty are the goals of the people.

Here are a few links that I have found helpful.  I know that we all have a tendency to disregard a source that does not confirm what we want to be true.  So, I welcome alternative, credible sources.

Snopes.com is a site that fact checks rumors online.  I use it when I come across a meme like “volcanos cause more pollution than humans”.  Sounds good but turns our to be false.

OpenSecrets.org is a site that will tell you who is buying your congressman.  This is a complicated site but you can find what you want by searching around a bit.

Politifact.com tracks the accuracy of politicians’ statements.  They rank statements from True all the way down to Pants on Fire (aka  Trump).

A couple of other links that I like…

Here is Keith Olbermann rapidly going through the Trump falsehoods.  It takes 18 minutes to list all (documented) lies and yet someone will watch and say “But Hillary jaywalked the other day so they all do it.”  Amazing.

Here is Elizabeth Warren scolding the CEO of Wells Fargo.  This is one of the most amazing takedowns I have ever seen.  I believe that Warren’s stance on Wall Street is why she is not Clinton’s VP choice.  Clinton, in my opinion, will do nothing to stop Wall Street.  I think she will do nothing to stop the flow of money into politics – a bigger threat to our national security than climate change or Russia or China or ISIS or immigration or gun control or abortion or police violence or education or poverty.

Yesterday’s blog ended with my feeling helpless to stop the NSA from spying.  By myself, I am helpless to make anything happen.  But, as soon as I post this blog, I will know that I have said to the world ENOUGH!

Gotta run. There’s a world that needs some saving.

Up, up and away…


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