Trump – The Danger We Deserve

This just in: Donald Trump is a joke.  He is a con artist that is less qualified than my toaster to be our president.

I hope I’m not over sugar-coating this.

Why do I say this?  Let’s ignore the stuff he did just before last week.  Let’s assume he was a fine choice only a week ago.  Has anything happened since then?

Well…he did manage to start an international shit-storm with China by talking to Taiwan’s leader.  Treating this person as the head of state is not something we have done for over 40 years and The Donald fucked this up in a moment.

He also spent this last Sunday night tweeting insults to China and laying out his foreign policy with this country in 140 character increments.

He also tweets about how unfair it is that Saturday Night Live makes fun of his tweets.

In my opinion, this last one is the worst.  It demonstrates the unstable mind of Donald Trump.  His ego cannot stand the fact that someone is making fun of him so he vents his tantrum to the world.  This is embarrassing.

Then we have the “Three million illegal voters voted for Clinton or else I would have won by a landslide.”  In spite of there being no evidence of this, he is sticking by it.  Worst of all is that his followers are eating it up.

I’ve had fun watching his staff try to cover his mistakes up; a full time job I think.  Like the “3 million illegal voters” for example.  His Chief of staff said, “You can’t prove that this didn’t happen.”  His VP said, “I think he’s saying what he believes and Americans admire him for this.”  Keep in mind, these are responses to the question “Why is he lying?”

Finally, there is the Carrier deal where his VP bribed a company to not move all of their jobs to another country.  This is wrong on so many issues.  If you want to be a Trump guy and say, “Finally, someone is bringing jobs back to America” then certainly you can appreciate the millions of jobs created in the last 8 years without paying ransom to some company.

The carrier deal is no different from saying, “The free market no longer applies to American Businesses.”

I know it sounds good to say, “I’m creating jobs.” The truth is that our country is at near full employment (4.6%).  Why are we sill focusing on jobs? Why do we want to deport millions of people that are “taking our jobs” when we don’t have anyone to fill those jobs if they leave?

If you feel poor, its not because there are no jobs; its because of income inequality; something Trump has no intention of taking on.  (That was Bernie’s deal)

So…in one week this wrecking ball named Trump has completely disqualified himself to be president.

He is the most dangerous man on the planet….for only one reason: 60 million Americans though he was a good idea.

Thus…we deserve him simply because we are not capable of seeing that the King Has No Clothes.

Whew….that felt good.

On a side note…

Some of you may have noticed that I no longer post Trump stuff on Facebook.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t post it in my blog.  I just don’t want to flood everyone’s page with my angst.

I have also tried to not respond to the Pro-Trump meme’s on FB.  I used to point out that the posts had no basis in fact but was always retorted with “Yeah…but that’s just your opinion and the liberal media blah, blah…blah.”

Let them have their fantasies…

Anyway…let’s see what the next week brings.

Up, up and away…


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