Setting the Bar….low

This just in:  The United States holds itself up as the “greatest country in the history of the world.”

Ironically, we will clamor to claim our Great Leader a success if he is able to read the State of the Union Address without going off script.

That’s it.  Forget about the sex scandals, Russia, alienating the world, childish tweeting battles etc.

All he has to do is read a speech, written for him by others, and his base will stand and applaud wildly.

Pretty low bar…and I’m not sure he can even do that one little thing.


The House Intel Committee has voted, along party lines, to release a memo put together by Nunes (R).   The memo, that I would love to see, apparently makes the FBI look bad in a decision to keep an eye on a Trump campaign manager.

The Democrats say the memo is “cherry picking” and would look completely different if all of the facts were released.  To this end, the Democrats wanted the FBI to first brief the Intel Committee about the memo.   They then wanted to release the entire report on the situation rather than just a few snippets chosen by Nunes.  The Republicans on the committee voted against both of these ideas.

The Republicans voted: (1) Against letting the FBI brief them on the memo contents and (2) against the release of a second memo that “fills in the blanks” so that a full picture can be seen and (3) in favor of releasing a classified document that was edited to make the FBI and DOJ look bad.

By the way, Russian Bots have flooded the internet with “Release the Republican Memo.”  In short, the Russians are in full support of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee using edited classified information to benefit  Trump.


Collusion is a crime if there is a “You help me and I will help you deal”.

Trump working with the Russians to win an election is not a crime unless he offered to help them in return.

Notable is the fact that Trump has worked to alienate nearly every nation in the world….except Russia.  He has a curious affinity for Putin who he apparently admires a great deal.

The theory has been that Putin helped Trump so that Trump would lessen the sanctions the United States has put on Russia for a variety of reasons.

On the last batch of sanctions, Congress voted nearly unanimously to impose said sanctions on Russia.

Yesterday was Trump’s last day to implement those sanctions.

He refused to do so.

Looks a lot like “they helped him and he helped them.”

This could not be any clearer.

Trump works for Russia.

The Republican Party works for Trump.

Republican voters put the president and Republican congressmen in place.

So…can you guess who the real traitors are?

Hard to pinpoint this but I feel safe in saying the guilty party is, in part, a failure to overcome gullibility; a failure to overcome nonsense like Fox News.

Republican voters didn’t do this on purpose.  They did it because they are gullible; refusing to believe that the Republican Party of yesterday is no longer in existence.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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