A Day in the Life of a Stable Genius

This just in:  I’m a news junkie in that if I have a spare moment, I’m either reading or watching the news.  I watch local, national and international news.

Today, there is so much “Trump” news that I thought I would list some of the headlines and sources.  Remember, this is just from today….

“New York files suit against Trump, alleging his charity engaged in “illegal conduct” – Washington Post

“North Korea state TV airs footage of Trump saluting North Korea military officer” – The Hill

“Trump claims parents of Korean War veterans begged him for help during the campaign.  They’d be at least 100.” – theweek.com

“Trump’s bizarre story about parents of Korean War vets illustrates just how effortlessly he lies.” – thinkprogress.org

“Trump’s campaign to discredit Michael Cohen is already underway.” – Washington Post

“The much-hyped IG report about the Clinton email investigation backfires on Trump.” Thinkprogress.com

“Trump: I could solve Syria Crisis by asking Putin to do me a favor.” – Newsweek

“Panel: Trump is doing what Russia wants America to be doing.” – MSNBC

“The Trump Foundation treasurer didn’t know he was the treasurer until investigators told him.” Theweek.com

“Trump thinks groups like the G-& rob us.  Actually, they’ve made us rich.” – The Washington Post

“DOJ report confirms that the president is a dishonest conspiracy theorist.” – NYMagazine

“President Trump’s flip-flop on coverage for preexisting health conditions.” – The Washington Post

“Donald Trump is using his power to dehumanize people who aren’t white.  It can be fatal.”-  USA Today

“DOJ watchdog is about to remind us that the FBI hurt Clinton, not Trump.” – Huffington Post

“Sessions cites Bible in defense of breaking up families, blames migrant parents.” NBC News

“These Republicans waving Confederate flags won their primaries.” – Vice.com

“Trump used his charitable foundation like a personal checkbook, NY Attorney General alleges.” -Thedailybeast.com

“Some Canadians boycott American goods and travel after Trump’s insults.” – CBS news

“Trump has turned his back on every fundamental American value.” – Washington Post

“Kim Jong Un did better than Donald Trump at the Singapore Summit.” – The Economist

“Trump takes his party back to the 1920’s.” The Atlantic

“Trump uses the Comey Report to cover up his guilt in the Russia Scandal.” – motherjones.com

“Trump is a genius at touting nonexistent achievements.” – Washington Post

“Trump reportedly claimed to leaders at the G-& that Crimea is part of Russia because everyone there speaks Russian.” – Business Insider

“Trump dismisses Kim Jon Un’s atrocities: He’s a tough guy.” Thedailybeast.com

“Trump’s real trade policy: Make China Great Again.” Salon

“As detention centers hit capacity, Trump eyes tent cities on military bases to jail migrant children.” Democracynow.org

“Senate GOP leaders have no objections to Trump’s defense of Kim.” – CNN

“State Department advisor keeps a list of employees who are loyal to Trump.” – Axios

“Bob Corker worries GOP is becoming a cult.  Don Jr. likes the idea.” – newrepublic.com

“Paul Ryan is doomed to finish out his political career in a hell of his own creation.” GQ Magazine

“More than 88,000 people could die if EPA rolls back regulations, scientist say.” – Newsweek

“Most Americans’ wages have actually declined over the past year.” NY Magazine

“Trump tags U.S. media as nations “biggest enemy” after summit.” – Washington Post

Whew!  My typing fingers are getting tired.

Please note that I did not filter out the ones saying positive things.  There were none.  On Reddit, the 6th largest site on the internet, readers fact check and down-vote articles that are seen as untrue or propaganda. For this reason, almost nothing from Fox News is ever in the top 100 article on politics.

Now, for a moment….remember Benghazi.  The issues were (1) Did Hillary rightly or wrongly call this a terrorist attack and (2) Hillary should have allotted more money to protect this one single embassy.

There were 4 Republican led investigations into Benghazi and every one found … NOTHING,

Now, take a look at any one of the above articles.  The Republicans would have had a fit over any of them.  The same Republicans that praised Trump for meeting Kim Jong Un without preconditions.  The same Republicans that threatened to impeach Obama for even mentioning that he would meet Kim Jong Un without preconditions.

Vote in 2018…you’re our only hope.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…



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This just in:  If you are like most people over the last year you are probably wondering “What the F*&k is going on in Washington?”

I’m here to help.

I’ll just look at the big things…

The United States is desperately low in workers at all levels.

Trump responds to this by cancelling DACA, a program meant to protect children brought into the United States at a young age.

Trump and the Republican party immediately point to the now cancelled DACA and say, “We can fix DACA but only if the Democrats approve a $25 billion wall that can be climbed over using a $20 ladder.”

This ignores the fact that Trump, with a swipe of his pen, can reinstate DACA as easily as he cancelled it.


Congress has let a program expire that gives healthcare to millions of poor children in the country.  The Republican Party could pass bill funding this program but refuse to do so unless…your guessed it…”Only if the Democrats approve a $25 billion wall that can be climbed over using a $20 ladder.”

The GOP is actually saying, “We can’t believe the Democrats don’t care about DACA families or the health of poor children.”

Yes…this is actually what the Republican Party is doing.


Trump says he will help the Russia investigation and then immediately tells Bannon to say “Nothing” while testifying before congress.

Meanwhile, the investigation is starting to focus on money.  Looks like Trump has mob ties, Russian ties, money laundering issues etc.  Today it even came out that it looks like the Russians funnelled money to Trump through the NRA.

Trump took a physical and passed.  His weight is stated as 239.  This is just under the “obesity threshold” for someone that this 6’3″ tall.  Trump would only be that tall if he was at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole and Spagettification was starting to take hold.  As for his weight….looking at his shape I’d say he might be 239 pounds if he was 90% hollow.

Trump also took a cognitive test.  I looked at the test and it’s a beast.  There are questions like “What is today’s date?”  He passed the test.  I see this as a problem.  It means he is doing what he is doing ON PURPOSE!

Trump is also being accused of a sexual relationship with a porn star within months of his son’s birth.  She said that he said she reminded him of his daughter.  eewwwww……

The GOP and the Democrats finally got together on an immigration bill but Trump got flipped by someone at the last minute.  He pushed the bill away claiming we don’t want people coming here from shithole countries.  Shithole being code for countries without a white majority.

Right this very minute, Republicans and Democrats are working together to try and prevent a government shutdown.  The problem is that they have no idea what the president wants.  He’s told them several times but each time its completely different.

So…that about summarizes the last day or two of Whitehouse activity lead by a very stable genius.

I continue to marvel at people that continue to support him.

Up, up and away…



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