Illegal Drugs…solved

This just in: I just read where there was a major seizure of illegal drugs at an airport yesterday. It’s time to solve this problem.

Not only the drugs, but I heard a surfer landed in Malibu the other day towing a boat loaded with Chinese prostitutes. Add to this, the “rapist tunnels of Canada” where rapists, and other bad actors are entering our country illegally to have their way with our womenfolk.

We don’t need to put up with this any longer. I have a plan.

I think we should build walls around airports. I’m talking really, really tall walls. Yes, a plane can fly over walls but that’s not the point. The point is that a wall is a symbol that “We don’t take kindly to your kind here.”

On our southern border, we need to build underground walls to stop all of that tunnelling. We can get Canada to pay for it by promising not to build underground walls on our northern border and thus leaving their rapist trade uninterrupted.

As for these Mexican surfer dudes (I assume they are Mexican because of their dark skin, although that may be a tan)…we need something better than a wall. I suggest a moat. A moat around the entire nation’s coastline. This is a great idea for three reasons: (1) building a wall to keep out surfers is just stupid, (2) There is lots of readily available water to fill the moat and (3) Moats kept people out of castles like 2,000 years ago so they must work.

Aside from rapists and non-whites, there are others we need to be protected from. Take the homeless for example. We can wall them in as well; not with a wall that has slates, but a solid wall so we can’t see them and pretend they don’t exist. These don’t need to be tall walls because the homeless almost never have access to quality ladders.

As for those pesky religions that are not correct in their beliefs, we can put them in walled areas with a single exit. For them to get out, they must first get by my church’s greeter who will insist on shaking their hand and then asking if they have let Jesus Christ into their lives yet. This will keep them in with such effectiveness that we won’t even need a gate.

And finally, what to do with the gays. You know who I’m talking about; those people that gave their souls to the devil by acting in one of two ways: (1) a way I find offensive or (2) I way I want to behave but am afraid you will judge me and send me to hell.

I would write something now about lowering taxes for the rich in order to pay for our roads and schools but I can only pander to the Republicans out there so much before my soul withers and dies.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Where are the Republicans?

This just in: Yesterday, the Republican Party peeked out from under its rock and condemned the racist remarks of Steve King, one of their own. Following that…they slipped back into the darkness with a smug sense of “Mission Accomplished.”

I’m left wondering, “Is that it? Is that all they think their job is…naming post offices and occasionally pretending to condemn racism?”

They are supposed to make our laws. They are supposed to spend our taxes. They are supposed to represent a Checks-And-Balances on the other branches of the government. In fact, each of the 3 branches is supposed to keep the other branches from things like….treason, for example.

Checks and Balances….I guess that is what I’m missing most right now. Let’s look at a few ways the Republican Party is failing in this endeavour…

Word has just leaked out that Trump has been asking aides for the last year if he can pull the United States out of NATO. Where are the Republicans?

Is has recently been released that Trump has kept all notes from his Putin meetings so that no record exists of what has transpired between these two over the last 2 years. Where are the Republicans?

The New York Times reports that the FBI initiated an investigation into Trump as a possible agent for Russia following his firing of Comey. Where are the Republicans?

Trump has allowed the crown prince of Saudi Arabia to get away with murdering a reporter that lives in the United States. Where are the Republicans.

Trump is holding the government hostage for a wall. Congress has the votes to override his veto and reopen the government. This is up to Mitch McConnell to do. He won’t. Where are the Republicans?

Trump has numerous violations of the emolument clause of the Constitution. He is using his position as president to make money from foreign countries. This is blatantly illegal. Where are the Republicans?

Trump has pulled out of nearly every international trade agreement. Where are the Republicans?

Trump has put tariffs in place starting a global trade war. He is only allowed to do this in the interest of national security. There is no emergency and the tariffs are hurting our economy. Where are the Republicans?

Trump uses racist language all the time. Where are the Republicans?

Trump is separating families at the border; putting children in prison-like camps. Where are the Republicans?

Trump announces, after ZERO consultation, that he is pulling all of our troops out of Syria. Where are the Republicans.

Trump is lying openly about the danger posed by our southern border. Where are the Republicans?

Oh wait!!! I found them!!

While all of this Trump stuff was going on…the Republicans…

  1. Passed a tax cut for the very, very rich which is driving our national debt up at a record pace.
  2. They conducted an investigation on Russian meddling in the 2016 election and quickly decided that nothing happened. This, as Mueller, investigating the same thing, is cranking out one indictment after another.

Aside from that…the Republican Party has been conspicuously absent. There is a reason for this – They fear Trump’s maniac base. If they cross Trump, he will give them a nickname and they will then lose their next election.

So, the Republican Party has elected to let Trump go unchecked; even as he tries to pull us out of NATO, just to protect their jobs.

We are governed by cowards.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Elected Republicans Think You Are Stupid

This just in: I have long said that the Republican Party is either (1) Not exceptionally bright or (2) They think you are not exceptionally bright.

I say this because they propose and say things that can be confirmed false with just a “little finger” worth of research.

Let’s take a look at a few…Note: I will not do cite evidence as to why these positions are false.  You get to do that if you wish.  Shouldn’t be hard to do.  Don’t go with your “gut”.  Look up any of these and find the facts.

  • “The Russia investigation is a witch hunt.”
  • “Tax breaks for the rich will trickle down and create well paying jobs for the rest of the country.”
  • “The healthcare system in the United States is the best in the world.”
  • “Pornography causes mass killings at schools.”
  • “Transgender soldiers are hurting our military readiness.”
  • “The rest of the world respects the United States more now that Trump is in charge.”
  • “Making abortions illegal will reduce the number of abortions in our country.”
  • “Cutting off family planning money will reduce teen pregnancies.”
  • “China will not use their ZTE company to spy on us because they said so.”
  • “Gun laws don’t work.”
  • “Nancy Pelosi likes the Mexican gang MS-13.”
  • “Climate change is a Chinese hoax.”
  • “Our Founding Fathers wanted us to be a white, Christian nation.”
  • “Health care works best in a Free Market”
  • “Football players that don’t stand for the National Anthem don’t do so because they are not patriotic.”
  • “Most legal scholars agree that Trump can pardon himself.”
  • “Tariffs are working.”
  • “Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”
  • “The poor are lazy.”
  • “The economy is doing well because of Trump.”
  • “Democrats are responsible for the separation of parents and children at the border.”

Of course…none of these are true.  But…you can believe they are if you wish.

Up, up and away…



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Putin owns Trump…

This just in:  Before I get into the Putin/Trump thing…let’s just notice that the “Guns Killing Kids” issue has started to abate.  So now the NRA and Republican Party can get back to raking in Russian money.

As for Trump…

I have often wondered, possibly as often as several times a day….”How is it possible that Trump so consistently does the EXACT OPPOSITE of the right thing….every time he does anything?”

Could it be that he and I are exact opposites?  Possible, but it seems that we would agree on something every now and then.

But we never do…ever.

There is a reason for this that was recently divulged to Mueller who is investigating Trump.

It turns out that Putin told Trump not to make Romney his Secretary of State.  He wanted someone more friendly to Russia like Tillerson (Who Russia awarded with some sort of Best Friends Forever award).  Russia wanted someone that would help Trump NOT IMPLEMENT SANCTIONS.

Tillerson got the job.  Sanctions have not been implemented and Tillerson continues to cut away at the State Department; taking steps daily to ensure it is weaker than the day before.

So…was this the only thing Putin said.  Did it go like this “Just make Tillerson the Secretary of State and we’ll forget all about the decades you have worked with us to launder money.”  Is that what happened?

Or is Putin telling Trump daily “Do what I say or spend the rest of your life in jail.”

If I were Putin….I would want would love a trade war between the United States and the rest of the world.  I would love a U.S. president that praises Russia and refused to implement sanctions.  I would want a president that would not investigate Russian meddling in elections.

If I were Putin I would want turmoil in the White House.  I would want others in the White House that also launder money like Kushner so my reach would broaden.

I’d want a W.H. that would destroy the U.S. economy through unfathomably bad tax plans and budgets.  I would want divisive issues to be flamed; things like immigration and gun control.

I could go on and on but it is clear to me that either Trump is completely under Putin’s control or there are a heck of a lot of coincidences going on.

It is worth noting that our Constitution protects us from this by balancing power between the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.  Out Founding Fathers, however, didn’t count on the possibility that a foreign power would control both the Presidency and Congress.  By Congress I mean, the Republican Party.

My prediction is that Democrats will take the house and senate in the midterms.  Mueller will finish his investigation and Trump will be impeached.  Trump will then refuse to step down.

What happens after that will be up to our generals.

Up, up and away…


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Wait For It

This just in:  I have no doubt that Trump is problematic.  It could be the lying.  It could be Russia.  It could be the protectionism.  It could be the racism.  It could be the childish behavior.  It could be a lot of things.

What has been a bit of a mystery to me is how supportive the Republican Party is of this Orange Disaster.  How could they support someone that is so, so… Trumpish?

At first I thought, “They just want him for the Healthcare or Tax plan.”

Seemed reasonable.

But why do they continue to try and protect him?  Why are they sacrificing the FBI’s reputation to protect him?  Why are they continuing to turn their back on things like him profiting from his office or the nepotism, or the attacks on the Free Press.  Or his attacks on basically everything democratic?


Then something happened.

It turns out that Russia was funneling money to Trump through the NRA.

In 2016, the NRA gave $30 million to Trump’s campaign.  However, they also gave $55 million to other Republicans.

Where is the NRA getting this kind of money?

Turns out…they may be getting it from Russia.

What does this imply?

Perhaps, Trump is not the only person being controlled by Russia.  Perhaps some or even the entire Republican Party are connected as well.

My guess is that many are unwittingly being funded by Russia.  However, those at the top….they are well aware.

So….you heard it here first.  Let’s see how long it take before the news media sees this link.

I hope I’m wrong…and I probably am.  But it certainly explains a lot to me.

Up, up and away…


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