Extreme Vetting – Trump Style

This just in:  I came across some Top Secret government documents recently that outline much of President Trump’s political agenda.

Let’s start with “Extreme Vetting”, that bit of government research conducted to make sure we should be letting someone into the country.

Here is a copy of the interrogation questions:

Question #1: Are you white?

Question #2: Do you welcome the magic of Jesus into your heart as the only true savior, renouncing every other form of magical belief?

That’s it.  Just two questions.  A no on either one of these makes you a shithole dweller not worthy of entrance.

There are other policy positions as well.  They all basically say the same thing.

Healthcare position: Whatever the Republican Party puts in front of me so long as it’s the opposite of what our Black President wanted.

Tax Position: Whatever Whatever the Republican Party puts in front of me so long as it’s the opposite of what our Black President wanted; plus…a little bit of a sweetener for my while you’re at it.

Regulation Positions: Whatever the Republican Party puts in front of me so long as it’s the opposite of what our Black President wanted.

Immigration Position: Whatever the Republican Party puts in front of me so long as it’s the opposite of what our Black President wanted.

His base seems unwavering.  Trump’s actions or positions seem to not matter one bit.  Instead, it comes down to the following issues:

  1. Is Trump white?
  2. Does Trump make it okay to blame non-whites for their troubles?
  3. Does Trump sometimes at least pretend to be a Christian?
  4. Does Trump promise free stuff like a high paying job?
  5. Is it the opposite of what that black president wanted?

Pretty simple.

Trump and his base are racist.

Remember, racists don’t think they are racists.  They think their positions are justified.  Trump helps with this justification.  If you don’t believe me, watch how Fox News tries to justify Trump’s “shithole” comment.  To them, there was nothing wrong…just more locker room talk from “common man Trump.”

My response is to turn my back on them.  They are no longer allowed to occupy my horizon.  I have blocked at least 10 people on Facebook in the last 2 weeks and couldn’t be happier.  I’m sure they are nice people that don’t realize they are racist.

I looked at my moral scale and noticed that when I cut off the dead weight…I feel better.

Let the racists stand on a corner and complain about how badly non-whites are treating them.  I intend to move on, leaving them deep into my rearview mirror.

California and New York are doing pretty much the same thing with Trump and his racist Republican Party.  They are making laws that move forward as opposed to throwing up their hands and saying, “What can we do?  He’s the president.”  These states are joining other countries around the world, refusing to let Trump and the Republican Party abdicate America’s leadership role.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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This just in: The United States is no longer the leader of the free world.  This happened when we simply abdicated our throne in nearly every global arena.

This started with George W. Bush.  He listened to God who apparently said, “Don’t do stem cell research because…no you shut up!”  The rest of the world moved on and started solving problems with this research as we watched clouds float by.

Now we have the Master of Abdication.  Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord and China stepped in.  Trump gives up on the Middle East.  Trump gives up on NATO.  Trump gives up on the Trans Pacific Partnership (and China steps in).  Trump gives up on NAFTA.  Trump fails to speak out against human atrocities while embracing tyrants; thus abdicating our moral authority. He has abandoned science, history and common sense.

And he has done this on the world stage for all to see.

However, he has not done this alone.

The entire Republican Party has supported his every move.

The GOP supported getting rid of Obamacare without replacement even though it would throw tens of millions off of healthcare.  In fact, this was their idea, not Trump’s.

The GOP passed a tax bill where 85% of the savings go to the top 25% of the population while creating a $1.5 trillion debt and throwing tens of millions off of health care.  In fact, this was their idea, not Trump’s.

Yesterday, at a surprisingly open forum, Trump and congressional leaders discussed immigration.  Something very interesting happened:

Feinstein: “I think we should do A.”

Trump: “That sounds reasonable.”

A Republican quickly says: “Mr. President, I think we should do the exact opposite of A.”

Trump: “That’s what I meant.”

In other words, Trump is truly a useful idiot.  The GOP keeps him around because they control his strings.

But Trump does have some of his own ideas.  For example, while there is no doubt that the Koch owned Republican Party pushed Trump to allow drilling everywhere (including the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland), it was probably Trump’s idea to forbid it in one single place: Off the coast of his Florida resorts.

Now for the biggest news…

Diane Feinstein released the transcripts of the Fusion testimony.

The transcripts are extremely interesting and Rachael Maddow does a great job covering it all.  I recommend you watch this.

However, that is not the most interesting part.

The most telling and interesting part is that the Republican Party tried to prevent these unclassified documents from leaking.  They claimed that the testimony given in the documents was not very helpful as the man doing the testifying was not being open with them.

This is what they said.

This is what they were able to get away with saying because we didn’t have access to the testimony.

Now that we can see the testimony, we can see that the Republican Party was ABSOLUTELY LYING about the nature of the witness.

The GOP; the entire GOP is obstructing justice.

I’m not screaming “Benghazi!” here.  Watch the Maddow video above and make up your own mind.

On the How to Fix Facebook page…

I have been blocking those that post fake news, racists memes and hateful remarks.  I thought I might feel guilty but…Facebook is now fun for me to go to.  I can see puppies, hear music and say hi to friends.  I intend to keep blocking those that I find irritating.  I have too many other good things to look into which take priority over listening to people whine about a retired grandma that once ran from office.

This is a two-way street.  I have stopped bombarding Facebook with articles that support my own position.  My assumption is that this is probably tiring to more than just a few people who have no interest in my political views.

Instead, I spout off on my blog.  Yes, it makes it to Facebook but, it’s just one post every few days and you have to actually open it up to see my opinion.


Got to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Going Gorilla

This just in:  If a gorilla becomes tired of the visitors at a zoo, he simply turns his back to them.  In his mind, supposedly, if he can’t see them, they don’t exist.

I think I’m going to try this for a while.

Facebook has a feature where you can “block” someone so they don’t see your posts and you don’t see theirs. Somehow…this is different from “unfriending” someone.  So, I am now going to start blocking those FB people that post things I find offending.

My gut tells me this is wrong.  They exist and therefore, I need to confront them.

My experience tells me that if you like Trump, if you vote Republican because you “always vote Republican”, if you don’t think Congress just passed a tax bill to pay back rich donors, if you think Muslims = terrorism or if you think gun laws have no impact on gun deaths, then you are not likely to change your mind based on anything I say or do.

So, I have elected to turn my back on you.  You personally.  I will still follow the news.  I will still look for opportunities to have my own perspective changed.

I just will no longer listen to your nonsensical, racist and uneducated blatherings.

I turn my back on you.


I got an Xbox for Christmas.  I turn 60 in 3 weeks and this is my first Xbox.

I have an army game that goes like this.  (Difficulty level set at amature)

Game: Charge the beach.

Me: jump out of boat and drown.


Game: Charge the beach.

Me: accidentally throw a grenade into my own boat, killing everyone.


Game: Charge the beach

Me: jump out of boat and get shot by every German on Normandy beach

This last step repeated itself about 20 times before I finally reached the beach.

I also have a car game that apparently consists of my constantly crashing on the first turn and killing myself.

And finally, there is a strategy game.  So far, I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to get out of the room I started in.

I love my new Xbox.

On the Gifting page…

I got my wife the best Christmas present of all time.  It’s a painting entitled Budapest Girl.  My wife is from Budapest and I sent my favorite picture to the artist.  Below is that photo I sent followed by the painting…

On the entertainment page…

I watched The Darkest Hour the other day.  Strongly recommended.

On the New Year’s Resolution Page…

I will keep last year’s resolution: The live life expansively and try new things.

I will add: To live life beautifully…quality over quantity.

Time to save the world.

UP, up and away…



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