How to end the shutdown

This just in: A few days ago, China put something on the far side of the moon. I marvelled at this for a bit. Good for them. They set out to do something and they did it.

At about the same time, a young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood up in the House of Representatives and cast her vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

As she did this…the nearly all male…nearly all white and nearly all old Republicans booed her.

That’s right. They booed a young woman that was doing her job. They booed her, not because they disagreed with her, but because they fear her. They fear what she represents. A strong woman. A bright woman. A woman that came to office with the singular purpose of representing those that voted for her.

Imagine that – An elected official that wants to do her job rather than feed at the trough of special interests.

Now…on to the subject of this post – How to end the government shutdown

The current situation is as follows: (1) The president will not sign a bill funding the government unless there is $5.6 billion in it for a wall. (2) The Democrats will not vote for any bill that has any money in it for a wall and (3) The Republican led Senate sits on the sideline saying, “This is a fight between Democrats and Trumps. We are not involved.”

Here’s the deal. A funding bill was already sent to Trump. It passed both the House and the Senate by huge margins. Trump vetoed the bill.

Now what?

The obvious answer is….Simply override the veto.

That’s all it take. If 2/3 of the House and Senate vote to override the veto, the bill is passed and the government opens. Now, all of the Democrats will vote to override the veto. All we need is for the Senate and Republicans to do their jobs.

To be clear…It’s within the ability of Congress to pass a spending bill and reopen the government at any time.

At. Any. Time.

So, when Mitch McConnell sits on the sidelines and says it’s not his job…he is telling you that he doesn’t want to do his job.

Trump can’t help himself. He’s damaged goods. However, Republicans can start doing their jobs and just leave Trump to sit in from of the television watching Fox and Friends. We don’t need him.

In conclusion….the Government Shutdown is the fault of the Republican Party and their refusal to do their jobs.

Just sayin…

Up, up and away…


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Shutdown Notes

This just in:  A few years ago, the Republican Party shut down the government because they wanted Obamacare repealed.  You may recall that this was a bluff as they had not replacement ready, even years later.  In short, they shut the government down to impress their gullible base who didn’t like the black man in the Oval Office.

Now, the government is shut down once again.

It’s shut down because Trump cancelled a program that everyone wants.  Not only is DACA humane, we desperately need more immigrants, not less, if our economy is to grow.

Trump cancelled this program for no apparent reason.  He did it with the stroke of a pen.  He could reinstall the program just as easily.  Instead, he uses his own actions to blame the Democrats for a shut down.

The Democrats won’t sign off on a $25 billion wall that can be overcome with a $20 ladder.

So….here is the conversation on the Senate Floor:

Mitch McConnell:  The Democrats hate our troops because they refuse to pass this bill which will fund troop pay (leaving out that it will also fund the wall).

Democrat Senator:  I move that we pass a bill that will do only one thing – make sure our troops are taken care of.

Mitch McConnell: I object!

This is actually a true story.  This actually happened.

On a completely unrelated front…

Days after the Republican House passed the tax bill giving huge tax break to the Koch Brothers, Republican Speaker Ryan received $500,000 from the Koch Brothers.

This is the same Paul Ryan who suddenly reversed course on supporting Trump during the campaign only to receive millions from the Koch Brothers right away.

Move along…nothing to see here.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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