Anatomy of a Trump Supporter

This just in:  I have tried and tried to find out why people would support someone like Trump.  The following is my attempt to round up what I think are some of those reasons.

Reason #1:  The Democrats have yet to coalesce around a vibrant candidate with a powerful position.  Instead, they are the same old “Angry Nancy Pelosi” bumper sticker.  Democrats are the party of Hillary and we saw how that went.  They need youth, vision and a soapbox.  Right now they have none of these.

Reason #2: Trump is a business man.  The fact that he is wealthy shows that he is a great businessman.  Right? This thought is supported by the idea “There is a sucker born every minute.”  Had Trump invested the money his dad gave him in a stock market index fund, he would be several times richer than he is.  His wealth comes mostly from the fact that he is associated with dark figures needing a way to clean money.  He has a long list of failed businesses and bankruptcies.  Still, you need to get beyond “He’s rich therefore, he must be wise.”

Reason #3:  Evangelicals like that he is ant-Muslim.  They also like to believe there is a higher power that protects them from evil and will eventually save them.  Trump fills this role for them quite nicely.

Reason #4: Trump is pro-business.  This is actually quite true.  The problem is that being pro-business has very little to do with job creation and higher wages; at least in today’s economy.  Trump cuts regulations and taxes and businesses eat that stuff up.  Sadly, this will not convert to more, high paying jobs.

Reason #5: Trump is an outsider.  This is true as well.  To me, this was potentially his greatest asset.  Alas…he turned out to be unqualified as well so this was a bust.

Reason #6: Trump is a Republican.  There are people from both parties that vote along party lines simply because their families have always voted along party lines.  This is the lazy person’s way of choosing a candidate.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party of today has almost no resemblance to that of only 5 or 10 years ago.  The name on the door is the same but there is a different person behind the desk.

Reason #7: Trump is a common man who tells it like it is.  In my view, this is for those people that have long thought it was okay to call Africa a “shithole.”  Need I say more.

Reason #8: Trump is pro-gun.  The same people that like reason #7 like this reason.  That’s a bit scary.

Reason #9:  Trump is a puppet.  Indirectly, this is why people vote for Trump without even knowing it.  That he is a puppet get the Republican Party lots of money from people that need and can afford to buy the puppet in the White House.  Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News is one of these people.  Because he likes his puppet, his network is dedicated to misinforming those people too lazy to change the channel to something else.

Reason #10:  Trump has made it okay to be a misogynistic racist.  No one thinks they belong in this category but I suspect this is the number one reason he has a base that will never, ever abandon him.

Up, up and away…


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