This just in:  I started out as anti-Trump but still hoped that he would be successful.  As time goes by, it is clear, at least to me, that Trump is spectacularly unqualified for the job of President of the United States.

It has been “Opposite Day” for more than 100 days in a row now.  For example, I think coal is a dead industry and see jobs in Green Energy as Trump gets rid of regulations on coal; pretending that regulations are the reason coal is on the way out.

Yes, he could be mentally ill but I can only speculate as I am not a psychologist and he may just be eccentric.

He’s made a lot of money but, had he simply invested his dad’s seed money in a stock market index fund, he would have been much richer than he is now.

Yesterday, he said Andrew Jackson was upset about the Civil War and yet…Jackson died 16 years before the war began.

My impression is that Trump is just not a very intelligent person.

I have created a quiz that I think most of us would do well on.  Based on what I have seen of Trump thus far, I would be surprised if he was able to get ANY of the following questions right…

  1. Give two instances where the strength of the dollar is preferred to be strong, or weak; your choice.
  2. Name one, very specific thing that you don’t like about NAFTA.
  3. Name one, very specific thing that you don’t like about the TPP.
  4. Name one, very specific thing you don’t like about Obamacare along with your plan to fix it.
  5. Name any 5 Amendments in the Bill of Rights.
  6. Why will “competition” among healthcare providers bring down prices when it never did before?
  7. Make your case for Trickle-Down economics.
  8. Name one case presided over by the Supreme Court justice you just picked.
  9. Name three consequences of tariffs.
  10. Name 5 members of NATO.
  11. Name just 3 people that voted illegally in 2016, that were NOT Republicans.
  12. Give an example of one job you have created as the result of your being president (Position created for your daughter does not count).
  13. What is the difference between a Bill and an Executive Order?
  14. What is nepotism?
  15. What document contains the “emoluments clause” and what does that clause mean?
  16. How many aircraft carries does the United States have and name the location of any 3 of them.
  17. When did Andrew Jackson die?
  18. What is the definition of a Free Market?
  19. Name just five members of the EU.
  20. Find Germany on a map.
  21. Name one person, other than yourself, that believes either of the following (1) Obama wiretapped you or (2) 3 to 5 million people voted illegally.
  22. Give one instance where your negotiating skills have gotten something accomplished while in office.
  23. Why are you talking about jobs when the United States has far more jobs than it has qualified people to fill those jobs?
  24. What specific traits of the following cabinet members made you choose them for their positions: Sessions, Flynn, Devos, Pruitt?
  25. Give three instances of fake news and provide evidence that those instances are fake.

Trump doesn’t know what is in ObamaCare or its replacements.  Trump doesn’t understand economics.  Trump has no idea how to conduct Foreign Policy.  Trump does not understand the Tax Code. Trump does not understand issues regarding the Environment, Education or Poverty.

But the biggest problem is: Trump is to caught up in himself to bother learning anything new.

Up, up and away…





This just in:  My New Year’s Resolution was to live a more expansive life; to broaden my horizons.

Oddly…this is harder to do that I thought.  Turns out doing nothing new is my default mode of operation.

I find that keeping a resolution is a lot like trying not to fall asleep while meditation.  I forget that I’m meditating and fall asleep anyway.  Just like I forget I’m expanding and slip right back into my old and familiar routines.

Now, my wife and I have a plan.

We live in Marin County.  She just came across a Best of Marin article which has at least a year’s worth of expansion in it.  We will start going to the Best Beach or the Best Indian Food or the Best Whatever.  Our mission will be to knock off as many of the things on this list as we can before the year is over.  I’ll keep you informed.

On the back pain page…

I am now enrolled in the Stanford Study on back pain.  I fill out a daily Pain Survey.  I will get and MRI in a couple of weeks and another one in a few months.  They will measure my brain somehow to see if my ability to mitigate and manage pain can be measured.  There are weekly group sessions where they teach meditation and various behavioural changes that are supposed to be effective.

I was taking Gabapentin for pain but turn out it makes me kind of stupid.  Since I spend most of my time on near the “stupid line” as it is, I’ve given it up and now rely on Advil.

Cub reported Kim recommended a cream.  I ordered some but it turns out I ordered a different cream. (I was still taking Gabapentin at the time).  So, I started using this new cream and it works quite well!  Imagine that.  It’s called Penetrex.

On the Trump page….

I watched Face the Nation on Sunday and my suspicions were confirmed – We have a mentally unstable man as president.  Don’t take my word for it, read the full transcript yourself here.

I have no idea where our country is heading with regards to Healthcare, Tax Reform, Foreign Policy, Education and Infrastructure.  I have no idea because Trump is sending mixed signals, the GOP is trying to spin everything Trump says so they can do what they want and the Democrats are being led by a couple of ancients whose entire platform is to stand next to Trump with a shirt that has an arrow pointing to Trump and says, “I’m not with him.”

One new nugget I saw yesterday is about Pence.  He is the VP that was lied to by Flynn about Flynn’s ties to Russia…or was he?  It turns out that Pence led the vetting of Flynn and was well aware of Pence’s ties to both Russian and Trump.  He was not lied to because he knew all along!

I’m thinking that the Democrats are starting to smell blood in the water.

Time to save the world…

Up, up and away…


This just in:  Trump just put forth a Tax Plan that will be hugely good.  Or so he says.

Here is what it looks like to me…

First of all, I wrote a blog post called The Schrodinger President a few days ago.  I explained how Trump puts out a promise and then basks in the afterglow as if he has actually accomplished something.  When we peek at his plans, we see they are empty but by that time, he has move on to another false promise and another self-congratulatory session…for doing nothing.

This tax plan is a lot like that.

It’s 1 page long and has the same amount of content that you’d find in a high school freshman’s English theme for an assignment of “In 500 words or less, what did you do last summer.”

My guess is that Trump slapped this together in about 15 minutes.

He then marched it out and is taking credit for major tax reform in his first 100 days.

Aside from the fact that this plan means nothing and contains almost nothing, let’s look at a few issues.

First, we have a very high corporate tax rate (35%).  However, once you factor in tax credits and loopholes, the realized rate is actually between 12% and 17%.  This is based on a Study by the Government Accounting Office in 2010.

The Republican Party knows this.  So, when they are saying “35%” they are lying directly to you.

I don’t mind a corporate tax cut but it must be offset by eliminating loopholes.  If you don’t do this, then a new tax rate of 15%, as proposed by Trump, will result in an actual tax rate near zero.

Trumps tax plan is going to cost about $7 trillion over the next 10 years.  That’s how much less money we will collect from corporations.

However, the Republican Party has switched our accounting system over to something called “Dynamic Scoring.”  This means that if we need to make up $7 trillion in the next 10 years, the Republicans just make up a GDP growth number that will generate that figure.  There is no data needed.  This is really just a guess.  They reach into thin air and say “GPD will grow at 3% or 7%” or whatever balances the books.

If they did use data, they would find that historically, tax cuts result in short term growth in the GDP followed by an ongoing loss of revenue and a higher debt.  Just look at Kansas if you want to see how tax cuts work.

Second, loopholes actually serve a purpose.  These are rules that are created to incentivize companies to behave a certain way.  San Francisco wants investment south of Market Street.  They tell Twitter they will give them a tax break if they build a building there and hire a certain number of people.  This is an effective use of the tax code.

So, don’t get rid of all loopholes.  Just get rid of the ones that are being abused or that are no longer needed.

Third,  the GOP is stuck on Trickle-Down economics (aka Supply Side economics).  According to them, if you give a rich person more money, they will hire more people.  This is nonsense and possibly the most thoroughly disproven economic policy of all time.  The truth is that consumers create jobs.  In the United States, the middle class makes up 2/3 of our consumers.  If you want to create jobs, give the middle class more money.  GM will build another plant when people can afford to buy more cars, not because of a tax cut.

Forth, The United States has far more job openings than we have people to fill them.  Sending home immigrants is making this even worse.  The H-1B visa program is needed simply because we don’t have enough skilled people at home so we need to import them.  Trump keeps saying “Make American Great Again by bringing back jobs.”  How come no one is asking, “Why will that make us great when we can’t fill the need for jobs right now?”

Fifth, Eliminating the Estate Tax and the Minimum Alternative tax is a gift.  Specifically this is a gift to Trump and other members of the 1% that benefit from this tax elimination.  It won’t affect you or me; aside from increasing our debt.

I would love to pay less in taxes.  However, I expect tax reform to be meaningful, not some sort of propaganda stunt without substance.  It’s time we started taking care of the 99% and stop worrying about whether or not Trump’s heirs will have to pay too much in tax once he finally bites the dust.

There you have it.

I think the probability is very high that the 20 minutes I spent writing this post if more time than Trump put into his Tax Plan.

Up, up and away…


This just in:  Put a cat in a box with a decaying switch that will eventually release poison. Quantum Law says the cat it both, dead and alive until we actually open the box and have a peek.  This is famously known as Schrodinger’s Cat; a thought experiment about Quantum Theory.

So, according to Quantum Law, two opposite conditions of being can exist at the same time, so long as we don’t peek.

Trump is a lot like this.  Let me give a few examples…

Trump says something like, “We have the best tax reform coming up pretty soon.  It’s going to be fantastic.  This will spur economic growth up to like 6% (economists predict 2%).”

So, do we really have a great tax reform plan coming our way or not?  Trump says he has a The Plan.

Quantum Law (extrapolated to the political realm) says that we have both: a great tax plan and no tax plan.

Because both of these “opposite states of being” exist at the same time, everyone has what they want.  The people that like Trump can’t wait for Great Leader to unveil his gift to the country.  Everyone else shakes their heads and thinks, “Here we go again.  Another Trump bluff.”

We won’t know who it right until we peek.

But we have peeked at a few other things.

At one time the following existed simultaneously: (1) Obama had Trump wiretapped and (2) Trump lied about being wiretapped.

Also: (1) There were 3 to 5 million illegal voters or (2) Trump lied about this.

Also: (1) Trump has the best healthcare alternative to ObamaCare or (2) Trump lied about having a plan to replace ObamaCare.

Also: (1) Trump will keep the United States out of Syria or (2) Trump lied about Syria

Also: (1) Trump did no collude with Russia to get elected of (2) Trump lied about Russia

Also: (1) Korea was once part of China or (2) Trump missed a Geography class

Also: (1) Trump caused companies to bring jobs to America or (2) Trump lied about jobs since those moves were already planned before he took office.

Also: (1) We have an armada heading towards North Korea or (2) Trump lost the entire Pacific Fleet

Also: (1) We are going to do “extreme vetting” of immigrants or (2) Trump has no idea how we currently vet immigrants.

Also: (1) Trump helped force a runoff in the Georgia special election or (2) A nobody was able to force a runoff by being “not Trump”

This list can go on and on.

The point is, we all know that Trump lies.  He does this to create little “packets” of Schrodinger’s Cat.  He makes wild claims and then basks in a sea of “Theoretical Success” until someone peeks.

You might think “But we do peek.  He is routinely exposed as a Grifter.”

True.  But we forget.  If we don’t forget, we are at best, only mildly put off.

Trump has told so many lies that we have become immune to it.

The anti-vaxxer President has inoculated us against being put off by his wildly childish and unpredictable behavior.

The only thing we know for sure…if Trump said it…then it’s not true.

So, remember, for the next 3.75 years, it’s Opposite Day in the White House.

Up, up and away…


This just in:  I always vote.  I do this because it’s my right. I do this because, in my mind, it gives me the right to complain.  If I don’t vote, then I have no business whining if someone else gets elected.

In 2018, I expect to vote against the Republican Party.  Here is why…

  1. I think money in politics has ruined our democracy.  Companies and wealthy individuals are actually buying votes…legally.  I saw where the Koch brothers said they would fund the campaigns of Republicans that voted against Trumpcare.  This is buying votes.
  2. I am against Gerrymandering.  This is a blatant attempt to make one vote NOT count as one vote.  Both parties do it but the Republican Party has taken it to new heights.
  3. I am against voter suppression.  The Republican party is the ONLY party that does this in an attempt to keep people from voting that will not vote Republican.
  4. I am pro-legalized abortion.  This does not mean I like abortion.  I don’t think anyone does.  I do know that making abortion illegal will not slow down abortions. It will just make women find more dangerous ways to get out of a situation they created in conjunction with a man.
  5. I like Planned Parenthood because it reduces abortions and provides healthcare to women that would otherwise have to go without.
  6. I like green energy.  I like it because it saves the planet and is creating tens of thousands of new, high paying jobs.  I like us to stay up with the rest of the world when it comes to technology.  We should lead but at the very least…we need to stay in the race.
  7. I don’t like getting rid of environmental protections.  We are not going to return to coal…that ship has sailed.  The impact of getting rid of these protections is pollution without job creation.  Consumers create jobs.  A company’s ability to dump its waste in a river will not create a single job…well maybe one for the guy that drives the truck down to the river.
  8. I think its traitorous for the Republican Party to work hand-in-hand with Trump to stifle all efforts to find out if he colluded with the Russians in the last election.
  9. I believe religion has NO PLACE in government.
  10. I believe in LGBT rights.
  11. I want Universal Health Care.  To be honest, I would pay less money for insurance under Trumpcare because of my income.  However, most Americans would pay more.  This is especially true for the elderly and the poor.  I am a patriot first.   We are a stronger country when we take care of each other.  I want Universal Health Care because there is overwhelming evidence that it is far better than Obamacare, than Trumpcare and far, far better than the Free Market.
  12. I stand against racism.
  13. I believe that if we want nice things, like education, we need to pay for it by taxing ourselves.  I’m not an advocate of waste but taxation is not “taking”.  If the Federal government does not want to do things to help Americans, fine.  Reduce my Federal taxes and raise my taxes in California.  I would pay more in taxes for better education and healthcare and roads.  I don’t want to pay for a wall because it made for a cute campaign bumper sticker.
  14. I think Science is a real thing
  15. I think education is the path to better jobs and global competition.
  16. I think history has lessons to teach us.  I also believe that the past is fixed and not subject to change. (see Trump on a daily basis).
  17. I think NATO is important.
  18. I think diplomacy and statesmanship are as important as tanks.
  19. I think Russia cannot be trusted.
  20. I believe in free trade and that such trade does not happen by accident.
  21. I think that kicking out illegal immigrants only brings back jobs at the absolutely lowest point in our job/income scale.

Now, notice that I didn’t say I would vote Democrat.  I think Pelosi is a dinosaur that needs to be put out to pasture.  I think they are becoming what I detest, a party that clings to the past.  While I liked Obama, I don’t want us to stay in his world.  We need to move forward lest the rest of the world leave us in the dust.

I rarely vote along party lines so I will feel free to cross over if the right candidate catches my eye.

Right now, I’m hoping that a 40 year old Bernie Sanders comes along.

Up, up and away…



This just in:  As a Superhero, I have access to a Super Computer; one very similar to IBM’s Watson.  I can ask it a question and it will give me the most likely answer. In other words, if there is smoke, it will reach the conclusion that there is something causing that smoke.  I’ve decided to interview it with regards to the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

The following may or may not be a transcript of that interview…

Me:  Why doesn’t Trump want to show his tax returns?

Computer:  Because they would tell you something bad about him; something worse that what is currently being speculated.  Otherwise…he would show them to end the speculation.

Me: Is Trump being blackmailed by the Russians?

Computer: Yes. He has three weaknesses in his personality that are typically used for exploitation by the Russians.  He has frequent money problems and needs to be bailed out.  He has women problems and has been known to hang out with a notorious pedophile.  He is easily manipulated by praise and criticism.

Me: Is this why Trump never says anything bad about Russia?

Computer: Of course.

Me: Why are the Republicans supporting Trump?

Computer: Because to do otherwise would not help them.

Me: What does that mean?

Computer:  Trump is at once, their rubber stamp and their fall guy.  The Republican Party works for big campaign contributors.  The Koch brothers, for example, like big oil and so the GOP needs Trump to take the blame as the Republican Party trashes one enviromental protection after another.  Many wealthy contributors want fewer taxes so the Republicans will manipulate Trump into several actions that cut taxes for the wealth.  The GOP has made a career out of using Obamacare to say what they don’t like about Democrats.  Now that they are in charge, they realize that their bluff has been called.  They need Trump to take the blame for a healthcare plan that is worse than what we are doing now.

Me: Is there another reason the GOP wants to get rid of Obamacare other than “It wasn’t our idea?”

Computer:  Yes.  Their new plan is another tax cut for the rich.  They are being paid by the rich, not to make healthcare better for Americans but to reduce taxes for the rich.

Me:  Why was Jeff Sessions so anxious to support Trump during his campaign?

Computer:  Trump promised to make him the Attorney General.  Trump needed loyalty in that position since it was anticipated that he would come under investigation about his Russian ties.  Sessions would be able to stifle that investigation.  When Sessions stepped aside, Trump was furious.  He’d hired Sessions to protect him (Trump) not get out of the way.

Me:  Is Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression democratic?

Computer:  You don’t need me to tell you that.  Ask any 8 year old.  These two practices are two of the three things that the Republican party does that are in direct conflict with the word “democracy.”

Me:  What is the third?

Computer: The Republican party runs on money from special interests.  They will do whatever it takes to keep unlimited campaign funds coming into their party pockets.

Me:  Why does Trump lie so much?

Computer: For two reasons.  First, he has a sickness that makes it difficult for him to understand the depth of impact his lying has on his and our country’s credibility.  Secondly, he gets away with it.

Me:  Why does he get away with it?

Computer:  About 37% of the American population will watch him shoot a man dead in the street with their own eyes and then believe him when he turns to them and says, “Obama just shot that guy…bigly.”

Me:  Is Trump a traitor?  By that I mean, is he putting his own interests ahead of the entire country’s?  And, is the Republican party equally guilty by knowingly allowing this to happen?

Computer: Yes and Yes.

My computer is starting to overheat so I think I’ll give it a rest for now.  There will be more to come.

Up, up and away…



This just in:  Like most of the world, I wonder that a phenomena such as Trump exists.  I’m not sure what is more interesting to me, his actions or the fact that he has actual people following him like puppies.

Then I look at everything whirling around him and think “How can we be tolerating this?”

Perhaps we are not.  Perhaps what is going on is exactly what people want to happen.  Maybe it’s My Perspective that is off.

To check this, I thought I would make a list of things “I just don’t get.”

I don’t get…

  1. Why we worry about Social Security when the solution is to simply lift the payroll cap.  Many don’t know this but after you make a certain amount of money in a year, you no longer pay into Social Security.  Right now the cap is $118,500.  So, once you make that amount, your taxes on the next dollar (and every dollar after than) drop by about 8%.  Not lifting the cap benefits only the wealthy. (Note: Follow the money)
  2. Why are we getting ready to implement a healthcare plan that will ruin the lives of millions of Americans – MILLIONS.  The elderly and the poor will be the most impacted.  Republicans will tell you its because of our debt; that we can’t afford to pay for healthcare.  Then, as they are saying that, they give a 3.5% tax cut to the rich; money saved by cutting services disguised as Repealing Obamacare. (Note: Follow the money)
  3. Why are we cutting social services, arts, the environment, aid to the poor, support the the U.N. and virtually every other service that could be defined as “improving the quality of lives everywhere.”  Republicans will tell you we have to do this so we can increase spending on the military, on homeland security, on a wall and on police forces.  Notice a trend here?  We would rather be afraid than beautiful.  We could pay for this military stuff with taxes but the Republican Party will not raise taxes because they are paid not to. (Follow the money)
  4. The Republican Party shamelessly backs Trump in spite of the fact that Trump is (1) a pathological liar and (2) Trump is clearly incompetent in every area ranging from basic leadership skills to foreign relations, to the economy and healthcare.  I would be hard pressed to find a single trait that he possesses that qualify him to be POTUS.  The back him in spite of daily scandals and so much smoke surrounding his Russian ties that we are at near zero visibility.

Am I alone in these things?

Right now Trump is wagging nuclear weapons at North Korea who is led by a Trump-like figure of their own.

We have turned the fate of the world over to the darkest side of ourselves.

That’s how I see it.  But then again…maybe I’m alone in this.

Up, up and away…


This just in:  As a disclaimer, I am not referring to what a “Republican” was 10 years ago.  I also want to stress the “just might be” part of this post.  My intent is to not throw a broad net over everyone that identifies as a Republican and attribute the following traits to them all.

So let’s start…

  1. You just might be a Republican if you think white people are superior to non-white people.
  2. You might be a Republican if you think the poor don’t buy healthcare insurance because they want iphones instead.
  3. You just might be a Republican if you think ALL regulations are bad and are stifling growth.
  4. If you think taxation is the same as “taking”, then you just might be a Republican.
  5. If you think tax cuts for the ultra rich are more important that universal healthcare…then you just might be a Republican.
  6. If you think it’s okay for the President of the United States to lie to the American public on a daily basis…you just might be a Republican.
  7. If you think the United States is meant to be a Christian Nation, then you just might be a Republican.
  8. If you don’t believe in science, then you just might be a Republican.
  9. If you don’t understand basic economics, then you just might be a Republican.
  10. You just might be a Republican if you think the poor like being that way so they can get free stuff.
  11. You just might be a Republican if you think undocumented immigrants are a bigger threat to the average American than domestic gun violence.
  12. If you don’t agree that domestically grown terrorists exist and are a much greater threat than immigrant terrorists, then you just might be a Republican.
  13. If you think Putin is a man to be admired, then you just might be a Republican.
  14. If you think that healthcare should be left to the Free Market, then you just might be a Republican.
  15. If you think corruption at the very highest levels of our government is acceptable because “he won the election” then you just might be a Republican.
  16. If you use God to justify your hate….then you just might be a Republican.
  17. If you nod in agreement when a Republican Congressman King tweets ” that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies” then you might be a Republican.
  18. If you believe that Trump will bring back jobs to the United States, then you just might be a Republican.
  19. If you think Trump is honest; that he understands the “average man”; that he will put middle America’s interests ahead of the wealth; that he understands diplomacy; that he understands economics; that he understands negotiations; that he understands healthcare and that he understands the science behind Global Warming, then you just might be a Republican.
  20. If you think we need more nuclear weapons, then you just might be a Republican.
  21. If you think it’s not Trump’s fault that the U.K., the E.U., the U.N. are all turning their backs on the United States, then you just might be a Republican.
  22. You just might be a Republican if you think that the government’s unemployment numbers are only correct when Trump tells you they are correct.
  23. If you think all news that you don’t like is fake news, then you just might be a Republican.
  24. You just might be a Republican if you gobble up fake news like a dog scarfing down bacon bits.
  25. You might be a Republican if you think torture is okay under any circumstance.
  26. If you think Muslims are terrorists, then you just might be a Republican.
  27. If you think any form of racism is acceptable, then you just might be a Republican.
  28. If you support banning immigrants from Muslim countries is a good idea, even when our best intelligence agencies say just the opposite, then you might just be a Republican.
  29. If you think a Free Press is the Enemy of the State, then you just might be a Republican.
  30. If you are okay with Trump and his family profiting from his position as POTUS, then you just might be a Republican.
  31. If you think the Trump/Russian connection is nothing to be concerned about, you just might be a Republican.
  32. If you think Trump is not releasing his tax forms simply because he is being audited, then you just might be a Republican.
  33. If you think the ACA and Obamacare are two different things, then you just might be a Republican.
  34. If you think the United States is worse off after 8 years of Obama, then you just might be a Republican.
  35. You just might be a Republican if you think a $25 Billion wall will fix immigration.
  36. If you don’t care that Trump has said nothing about Russia’s treaty defying release of a new missile system, then you just might be a Republican.
  37. You just might be a Republican if you think environmental protections are bad for our country.
  38. If you think Paul Ryan has the slightest idea of what he is doing with Healthcare, you just might be a Republican.
  39. You just might be a Republican if you think corporations should be able donate infinite money to politicians.
  40. If you think tax cuts will grow our economy you just might be a Republican.
  41. If you think saying “we need to rebuild our infrastructure” is the same thing as actually rebuilding our infrastructure, then you just might be a Republican.
  42. If you think it was okay for the GOP to not let Obama pick a Supreme Court nominee because “he only has a year left in his term” then you just might be a Republican.
  43. If you don’t understand the terms “false equivalency” “cognitive dissonance” and “confirmation bias,” then you just might be a Republican.
  44. I suppose I could go on and on.   Trump and his crew offer up no shortage of things to be appalled about.  The latest being a healthcare plan that does just the opposite of what Trump promised.
  45. If you think you know the will of God and speak/act on his behalf, then you just might be a Republican.
  46. If you think denying people access to birth control will not increase abortions, you might be a Republican.
  47. If you think making abortions illegal will reduce the number of abortions rather than chase women into the alleys to get them done anyway, then you might be a Republican.
  48. If you think private prisons don’t have a vested interest in keeping their prisons full, then you might be a Republican.
  49. If you think green energy creates fewer jobs than fossil fuel industries, then you might be a Republican.
  50. If you think kicking migrant workers out of the United States will create more good paying jobs, then you just might be a Republican.

Up, up and away…