Wait For It

This just in:  I have no doubt that Trump is problematic.  It could be the lying.  It could be Russia.  It could be the protectionism.  It could be the racism.  It could be the childish behavior.  It could be a lot of things.

What has been a bit of a mystery to me is how supportive the Republican Party is of this Orange Disaster.  How could they support someone that is so, so… Trumpish?

At first I thought, “They just want him for the Healthcare or Tax plan.”

Seemed reasonable.

But why do they continue to try and protect him?  Why are they sacrificing the FBI’s reputation to protect him?  Why are they continuing to turn their back on things like him profiting from his office or the nepotism, or the attacks on the Free Press.  Or his attacks on basically everything democratic?


Then something happened.

It turns out that Russia was funneling money to Trump through the NRA.

In 2016, the NRA gave $30 million to Trump’s campaign.  However, they also gave $55 million to other Republicans.

Where is the NRA getting this kind of money?

Turns out…they may be getting it from Russia.

What does this imply?

Perhaps, Trump is not the only person being controlled by Russia.  Perhaps some or even the entire Republican Party are connected as well.

My guess is that many are unwittingly being funded by Russia.  However, those at the top….they are well aware.

So….you heard it here first.  Let’s see how long it take before the news media sees this link.

I hope I’m wrong…and I probably am.  But it certainly explains a lot to me.

Up, up and away…


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