Republican Party is a P. R. Firm For Special Interests

This just in:  I know why the Republican Party does what it does.

I have long wondered “Why would the Republican Party vote this way or that when there is overwhelming evidence that it is bad for the country or in direct conflict with their stated beliefs and works against the wishes of their constituents?”

In other words…it looks like every day is Opposite Day for Republicans.

Now I think I understand why.

The entity known as the Republican Party is not a political organization.

The Republican Party is a Public Relations Firm for Special Interests.

The N.R.A. pays them money to make sure we can still buy lots of guns.  The Republican Party comes out with a campaign that says “If we pass laws against guns only the bad guys will have guns.”  The people believe  and the NRA pays its bill to the GOP.

A billionaire casino owner wants the U.S. Embassy to Israel moved to Jerusalem.  The Republican Party makes it happen and spins it as a “great idea”, completely ignoring that it condemns the Middle East to decades more of war.  The billionaire pays its bill to the GOP.

Koch Brothers want to pay less in taxes and want to have fewer regulations.  The Republican Party says, “We are passing a tax cut that will create 5% economic growth and create millions of great paying jobs.”  This spin is in direct conflict with economic thought and experience.  It has been a huge failure that will eventually lead to a recession.  The Koch brothers pocketed their new-found billions and paid the fee to the Republican Party.

In Public Relations, the goal is to get people to believe what you are telling them.  If it is true or not is unimportant.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-Constitution even though they routinely ignore that particular document.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-fiscally responsible even though they are the exact opposite.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-Democracy but blatantly oppose letting people vote that will vote against them.

Let’s take a look at their P.R. toolbox.

  1. First and foremost is hate and fear. “You are in danger and only we can help” or “Immigrants are the reason we have crime and not enough jobs.”
  2. Second is an understanding that people will believe anything they hear so long as it meets one single criteria….Am I hearing what I want to be true?
  3. A bullhorn also known as Fox New.
  4. A Useful Idiot also known as Donald Trump.

Like Trump, the GOP has no real values.  They will tell you what you want to hear and then act in a way that is laser focused on those that pay their fee.

This idea, that the Republican Party is just a P. R. firm, came to me about a week ago.  During the last few days, I have been watching the GOP to see if they fit this model.  Turns out, they fit it to a tee.  I cannot come up with any action that they have taken that could not be reduced to “Follow the money.”

Now for a gratitude list…

  • The Army-Navy game
  • Baby Panda videos
  • The pending finale of Trump Season 2
  • Shopping online
  • The end of an ice cream headache
  • Cheesecake for breakfast
  • Sleeping in late
  • Walking the dogs on a beach
  • Bacon and anything else
  • Sleeping through a long flight
  • Cooked ribs from Costco

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…






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The Turkey is Done

This just in:  For Thanksgiving, I always buy a turkey that has one of those little pop-out indicators; the thing that pops out when the internal temperature indicates that the turkey is done.

I think that if you look closely at Trump these days, you might see one of these sticking out of his ass.

Trump…the turkey…is done.

Here is why.

I don’t want to go into the myriad of news articles that detail every little bit of information that indicates that Trump colluded AND conspired with the Russians to win his election.

But there are a couple of big bites to look at.

Trump tweeted his appreciation for one of his swamp monsters that took the 5th AND he tweeted a request for a harsh sentence for a swamp monster that flipped.  This is witness tampering and it’s being done to obstruct the investigation.

Mueller recommended no jail time for General Flynn; Trump’s one-time National Security Advisor. Flynn held this role for 24 days (2.4 Scaramuccis).  He did this because Flynn gave significant information about the Russia investigation.  If there was a quid-pro-quo, not only would Flynn know about it but he would be in the middle of negotiating it.

Trump’s fixer, Cohen, flipped so hard Circ-de-Sole is thinking of naming a trapeze act after him.  This is a guy that knows where the bodies of Trump’s past are buried.  Since a lot of the investigation is looking into Russian ties to Trump, Cohen will be able to lead them to every Russian mob deal made over the last decade.

And finally, there is the Republican tell.

The Republicans, in a rare display of anti-Trump, have come out and said that the prince of Saudi Arabia was directly responsible for killing that journalist a couple of months ago.

This is a virtual first.  Yes, there have been instances and individuals that have stood against Trump over his tenure but basically, they have supported him.  He has been their (and Russia’s) Useful Idiot.

His time is coming to an end so the GOP has made a calculated decision to begin distancing themselves from Trump.  This will work.  It will work because as soon as Fox news joins the “abandon ship” movement, they will begin reprogramming their viewers to believe that Republicans always stood against Trump.

As I write this, I know it’s true.  More interesting is that the book 1984 got so much right.  If you’ve never read that book, read it now.

There is some light at the end of this long, tired tunnel of failure.  I have heard whispers of a Republican movement called the New Republicans.  This appears to be a group dedicated to restoring the Republican Party of 20 or 30 years ago.  Let’s hope so.

A quick gratitude list…

  1. Airplanes with A/C outlets
  2. My lab that keeps gophers out of the yard
  3. Early boarding on a crowded plane
  4. Allowing myself to be wrong
  5. Off road jeeping
  6. Catch and release fly fishing
  7. My San Diego golf brothers
  8. Daily texts shared with Smitty and Hebes
  9. The Army-Navy game this weekend

Go Navy!

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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You just might be a Republican if…

This just in:  I was a Republican once…from the age of 18 to about the age of 45.  When Bush made up stuff so we would go to war, I realized that the GOP had changed.  The truth didn’t matter any more.

Today, there are no “Republicans” as I once knew them to be.  Instead, there are people that support Donald Trump.  That’s it.  You either vote Republican and thus, support someone that will support Trump, or you vote against them.

Since the GOP has been in such a great state of flux over the last 15 years, I thought I might point out some traits that, if they apply to you, may mean that you are a Republican (or Trumplican if you wish).

You just might be a Republican if you think it was okay for Mitch McConnell to not allow Obama to pick a Supreme Court Justice and wait until the next election AND you think it’s NOT okay to keep Trump from picking a Supreme Court Justice so we can wait until the next election.

You just might be a Republican if you think we should lower the national debt AND approve the latest TAX bill which is sending the debt into the stratosphere.

You just might be a Republican if you think we should outlaw abortion but not provide family planning services to young women or food stamps to children born into poverty.

You just might be a Republican if you think our allies should be Russia, North Korea and Turkey instead of the E.U., Canada, Briton and just about everyone else in the free world.

You just might be a Republican if you think tariffs are not going to raise prices in the United States while costing jobs.

You just might be a Republican if you think climate change is a hoax.

You just might be a Republican if you think it’s okay to separate mothers from their children at the border and think “If they don’t want to lose their kids, they shouldn’t try to enter our country.”

You just might be a Republican if you think America should be a White and Christian nation.

You just might be a Republican if you are an evangelica that believes God just told your favorite TV minister that he needs a new jet.

You just might be a Republican if you live in rural American, depend on government assistance and vote against your own best interests in that regard.

You just might be a Republican if you think coal and steel are growing industries in the United States while Green Energy is just a passing fad.

You just might be a Republican if you think most media outlets knowingly propagate fake and misleading news (92% of Republicans think this)

You just might be a Republican if you think the rest of the world has greater respect for the United States now that Donald Trump is in charge.

You just might be a Republican if you think Trump understands Healthcare, Taxes, Diplomacy, Warfare, Trade, Economics, Alliances or Science.

You just might be a Republican if you think deporting illegal aliens will help you get a better, high paying job.

You just might be a Republican if you think Donald Trump having a 2-hour meeting with Kim Jong Un solved the North Korean nuclear threat.

You just might be a Republican if you are evangelical or a white supremacist.

You just might be a Republican if you think the investigation into Russian interference in our elections is a witch hunt.

You just might be a Republican if you think giving tax cuts to corporations will cause them to give raises to their employees.

You just might be a Republican if you think giving tax cuts to billionaires will cause them to create more high paying jobs.

You just might be a Republican if you think we should end environmental regulations intended to protect our environment.

You just might be a Republican if you think China isn’t playing Trump like a fiddle.

You just might be a Republican if you think corporations should be allowed to make unlimited campaign contributions and hide the fact that they do this.

So…I am not a Republican.  I believe in facts, science, history and experts.

I like limited money in politics and clarity as to the sources of money.

I like honesty.

I like thoughtful government that works towards the betterment of ALL Americans.

But hey…that’s just me.

Up, up and away…



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There is no Republican Party. There is only Trump

This just in:  It has been demonstrated that if you are a Republican and Trump does not like you, he will trash-talk you in the primaries and a different Republican will take your place.

This is why Republicans fear Trump.  His base is devoted to him and if he tells them to pick a different Republican…they will without question.

Now…pay attention to the next statement very carefully.

The next time you vote for someone with an (R) by their name, you are not voting for a Republican.  You are voting for someone that will blindly support Trump.

The Republican Party has left the room.  The old-school Republicans that favored balanced budgets went bye-bye with the tax cut that is adding trillions to our national debt.  The Republicans that wanted to improve healthcare instead have created a healthcare system that is rated last place among industrialized nations.

The Republican Party that pretended they favor family values has been exposed as they support Trump’s ripping children from families that are seeking a better life.

There is no Republican Party.  Trump took the name and made it his own.  If you are a Republican, then you are Trump.

Speaking of The Man Who Would Be King…

Our fearless leader had a 2-hour meeting with one of the nastiest killers alive in the world today.  After the meeting, Trump had nothing but praise for this killer and announced that he, Trump, has just solved the North Korean Nuclear Crisis.

Of course he didn’t but he thinks he did.

Our fearless leader is right this very moment, allowing children to be taken from their parents and used as a political lever to get Congress to build him a wall.  A wall no one other than Trump wants.  He doesn’t care that a wall won’t work. He only cares about a 2,000 mile long memorial to his reign.

I think this guy is one of the worst human beings the world has ever seen.  If he had his way, we’d live in a country where I would be shot for even thinking that previous sentence.

If you vote Republican…then you are voting to keep this person in power.

Just so you know…

Up, up and away…


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I know who to blame

This just in:  I noticed I have become increasing less sensitive to those that propagate political nonsense.  For example, yesterday I saw a post that said, “Hitler supported universal healthcare.”  The implication seemed to be that if you supported everyone having healthcare as a right…you want to kill 6 million Jews.

So…today…I’ve decided to put “niceness”aside and call ’em as I see ’em.

Let’s start with Trump.  He is a crime family boss indebted to the Russian government.  His existence as our president instead of an an inmate is the fault of the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

For underprivileged kids that get free meals at school because their parents can’t afford to feed them….I blame the Democrats and those that vote Democrat.

For a tax break that gives billions to the richest in the country while almost nothing to the middle class and the poor, all the while creating the largest annual deficit in our nation’s history…I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Every time there is a “Death by Gun” I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

When there are federally funded advances in technology and medicine, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Every time there is an attempt to keep people from voting (voter suppression) or to keep 1 vote from having the same weight as another vote (Gerrymandering) I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Every time I see a public project, like transportation, that costs billions but contributes to the public good, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever the NRA gets it way with regards to gun legislation, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Whenever our government reaches out to help those in need (contributions to poor countries, welcoming refugees etc) I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever my health care cost go up as services decline, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Whenever I see the United States working with other countries in harmony on issues such as the Environment or trade, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

When I see a news station put out knowingly bias and/or false information while those that offer real news are called “fake” I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.  (You must watch this video to see what I mean.  After watching…pass it along)

When people see families as families and not as “Muslim” or “Mexican” and treat them as such, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever I see the rest of the world turning their back to the United States, whether it’s because of trade or human rights or whatever, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

When I see hate groups legitimized; when Muslims are seen as terrorists and Mexicans as someone to blame for our own shortfalls, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

In short, I see no reason to vote Republican.

I see nothing but The Dark Side, when I think of a Republican.

It has not always been this way.  I, myself, am an ex-Republican.  However, in the last 15 years…this party has morphed into something unrecognizable.

We must vote in 2018.  We need this corrupt Political Party of fear, hate and greed to be erase from the American vista.

Now…it’s time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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The Power of Your….One….Vote

This just in: Our elected officials are just that….elected.  Who we elect will dictate the direction our country takes at any given time.  If you vote, you are helping to put people in place that will take us in a direction you want to go.  If you don’t vote, you are letting others elect people that will take us in the direction others want to go.

So…if the direction of our country is important to you…you need to vote.

Here is a list of a few “different directions” and the associated political party:

Gun Violence:

Democrats: We could have sensible gun control that would not violate the Second Amendment but does help reduce gun violence in the United States.  This violence accounted for 38,000 deaths in 2016.

Republicans: We know guns cause gun deaths, however, the NRA funds most of our campaigns so we ignore the 38,000 deaths caused by our inaction in 2016.  Trump received record amounts from the NRA when running for president.  Last year he overturned Obama’s restriction on allowing guns to go to the mentally ill.


Democrats: We need to take steps towards improved healthcare.  This includes controlling costs and improving care.  We know this can be done because all other industrialized countries have successfully take this issue on.  We like the “single payer” issue where taxes go up but all healthcare is now paid for automatically.  However, many of us lack the political will to follow through with this.

Republicans:  We once supported the “single payer” system but it is too close to what the Democrats want so we are against it now.  We like the “free market” system, not because it works but because people think it sounds “American.”  We actually don’t stand for any particular solution with regards to healthcare but we like the issue since it is politically divisive.

Opioid Crisis:

Democrats:  This is a major issue since 64,000 people died from it in 2016 and the number is expected to be much, much higher in 2017.  This is an “all hands on deck” issue in that every effort must be taken to address this.  We need treatment.  We need to have alternative pain medication (cannabis). We need to prescribe it more carefully.  We need to research other means of addressing this issue.

Republicans:  People should take aspirin instead of opiods.  We need to tell people to “just say no.”

The Economy:

Democrats:  We need to support the Middle Class as they make up 2/3 of our economy.  We need to promote international trade.  We need to address income inequality as it is a known societal disruptor.  We need to provide social safety nets for people that fall on hard times so they can get back on their feet.

Republicans:  If we give more money to the rich, they will hire more people to mow their lawns.  This is called trickle down economics. Social safety nets are for lazy people.  We don’t need international trade deals because other countries actively seek out the “privilege” of buying our goods.

The Military:

Democrats: Our military needs to be big enough to protect the United States.  We need to foster diplomacy since agreements across a table are less costly than agreements across a battlefield.  We need to work closely with our allies.  We do not need to be able to fight the whole world.

Republicans:  Telling people to be afraid is the core of our party.  “Be afraid and we will protect you” has proven to be an effective way  to get people to vote Republican.  A large army makes other countries fearful of us and thus, be more respectful.

Money in Politics:

Democrats:  They take plenty of money from lobbyists and allow that money to influence their policy making.  However, they actively push to eliminate/reduce money in politics.  They can’t simply, “not take money” and let the other party rake it in since money does influence elections.  They are reluctant participants in the “money for policy” mentality in Washington.

Republicans:  They have a history of creating policy completely disassociated with the needs of their voters but in complete alignment with their donors.  They not only love money in politics, they want even more and have come to be completely dependent upon special interest money.


Democrats:  Russia is not our friend and needs to be watched carefully.

Republicans: Russia helps to elect Republicans.  That is all you need to know.

As you can see, there are very different directions our country can take.  I haven’t even touched on corruption, civil rights, global relations, global warming, education, science, honesty etc.

In my view, Trump and the Republican Party are the exact opposite of who I think we are as a country.

My fear is that I may be wrong.

My intent is to vote and to get other like minded people to vote as well.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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