The Greatest Heist

This just in:  The Republican Party and Donald Trump are perpetrating the greatest robbery in the history of the world.

It started with the tax cut.  This cut gave an average American about $1,000 a year in additional disposable income.  This also gave the Koch brothers $27,000,000 in additional disposable income  PER WEEK!

I mention the Koch brothers because they spent the most money bribing Republicans to pass this law.  For example, a few days after the tax break became law, the Koch brothers put $500,000 into Paul Ryan’s (R) campaign fund.  It takes about 90 minutes for the Koch brothers to recoup this money from the savings they will be getting.

Keep in mind, these tax breaks are not free.  They are just borrowed money.  In short, every week, we borrow $27 million to give to the Koch brothers.  In total, we will have to borrow about $1.4 trillion to pay for what the tax break took from our national income.

Here is a picture of what $1 trillion looks like>






Now comes the Trump budget.  It calls for over $700,000,000,000 in defense spending.  This is nearly $6,000 per household!  This amount is far, far more than the next several countries combined.

Here’s the deal, spend money on the military and there is no return.  Yes, we get protection but if no one attacks, then the billions we spent on that extra ship might as well have been burned in a bonfire.

This budget will add Several Trillion to the national debt.

How will we pay for this?


The Republican Party will cut Medicare, Social Security along with several other social safety nets.  In short, the people that need support the most, the elderly and the poor, will be left out in the cold.  The people that need the money the least, our billionaires, will be raking in the cash.

This is our National Republican Party.

Vote in 2018.

Up, up and away…


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