Not Voting = Trump Support

This just in:  I think this will be my final post before election day.  As always…I have a few comments.

First of all…Bohemian Rhapsody is a great movie and has my strongest recommendation; especially if you were ever a Queen fan.

Now….onto politics…

I think I have discovered the difference between the way Democrats campaign and Republicans campaign.

Democrats tell you what they want to do.

Republicans tell you what you want to hear.

It’s no secret that Republican economic policies have been historically bad for the country but…they tell you that they are going to give you better healthcare and more income….all at no cost to you.  Free stuff!  Just what I wanted to hear.

It’s no secret that Trump is a racist.  I also think it is racist if you are an elected official and turn your head when Trump acts out his racist tendencies.  I also think that if you vote for these Republicans, knowing that they support a racist…you may have a bit of racism yourself.  Don’t worry though…you can justify it by saying, “I just like Trump because he says what he means.” – A compelling argument; one that makes Charlie Manson equally qualified to be your president.

Republicans tell you that immigration is the reason you don’t have a job.  They tell you that blacks are given opportunities that should go to you.  They tell you that non-Christian immigrants, that also happen to not be white, are terrorists.  They tell you that 5,000 starving women and children are invading our country to take what is yours.  This is all what the “closet” racist wants to hear – justification for their hate and fear.

Republicans tell you that if they give money to their billionaire donors…it will trickle down and you will get free money.  Just what you wanted to hear.

They tell you North Korea is no longer a threat, even as they continue to build nuclear weapons….Just what you wanted to hear.

They tell you America is finally respected by the world in spite of the fact that every country except Russia and Israel have said they think less of us since Trump took over….just what you wanted to hear (not that last factual part).

They tell you Democrats will take away your money and let every immigrant come in and vote and get free healthcare….just the reason to vote Republican that you were looking for.

They tell you that Climate Change is a hoax so they can cut regulations for their big donors.  Just what you wanted to hear.

If you are a racist…if you don’t believe in science….If you are a conspiracy theorist…if you think saying, “I will give you healthcare and education for free” means that it will actually happen….then vote Republican.

If you are not any of the above…then you might be a Democrat or, at least, an independent.

Whatever you are…go out and vote.

But remember…if you do vote Republican…then you are voting for someone that will support Trump no matter what.

Up, up and away…


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There is no Republican Party. There is only Trump

This just in:  It has been demonstrated that if you are a Republican and Trump does not like you, he will trash-talk you in the primaries and a different Republican will take your place.

This is why Republicans fear Trump.  His base is devoted to him and if he tells them to pick a different Republican…they will without question.

Now…pay attention to the next statement very carefully.

The next time you vote for someone with an (R) by their name, you are not voting for a Republican.  You are voting for someone that will blindly support Trump.

The Republican Party has left the room.  The old-school Republicans that favored balanced budgets went bye-bye with the tax cut that is adding trillions to our national debt.  The Republicans that wanted to improve healthcare instead have created a healthcare system that is rated last place among industrialized nations.

The Republican Party that pretended they favor family values has been exposed as they support Trump’s ripping children from families that are seeking a better life.

There is no Republican Party.  Trump took the name and made it his own.  If you are a Republican, then you are Trump.

Speaking of The Man Who Would Be King…

Our fearless leader had a 2-hour meeting with one of the nastiest killers alive in the world today.  After the meeting, Trump had nothing but praise for this killer and announced that he, Trump, has just solved the North Korean Nuclear Crisis.

Of course he didn’t but he thinks he did.

Our fearless leader is right this very moment, allowing children to be taken from their parents and used as a political lever to get Congress to build him a wall.  A wall no one other than Trump wants.  He doesn’t care that a wall won’t work. He only cares about a 2,000 mile long memorial to his reign.

I think this guy is one of the worst human beings the world has ever seen.  If he had his way, we’d live in a country where I would be shot for even thinking that previous sentence.

If you vote Republican…then you are voting to keep this person in power.

Just so you know…

Up, up and away…


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Houston – We have a problem

This just in:  When you have a president calling the Free Press the biggest enemy, you have a problem.  When you have a president that praises ruthless dictators in Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey and the Philippines, you have a problem.  When you have a president that trashes our decades old relationship with our nation’s allies in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the UK…you have a problem.

We have a problem.

Trump is rapidly becoming the American Dictator; someone above the law that wants to rule with an iron fist.

But wait!  Surely Congress will stand in his way.  The Constitution has a balance of power built into it.  This “balance” will keep Trump in check.  Right?


The Republican Party is terrified to speak out against Trump.  If they do, Trump will give them a nickname (“lyin Ted Cruz” or “Little Marco Rubio”).  If he trashes you, his faithful will vote you out of office; at least in the primaries.

How can this be?  Most Americans hate Trump.

True.  However, most Republicans, which makes up only about a fifth of Americans,  think Trump is doing great things (They like the path backwards to white, christian America).  In most primaries, only Republicans participate in choosing the Republican candidate.  It Trump says you are a problem, these faithful will follow his lead and vote you out at the primary level.

But wait!  The Mueller probe will almost certainly come up with something.

Perhaps.  However, if the Republicans control Congress when Mueller’s report comes out, it won’t matter what is in it.  Even the Justice Department is afraid of Trump so don’t expect anything from them.

If we want to stop Trump…we need to do it in 5 months.  We need to vote out the complicit Republican Party and put in people that will restore a balance to our government.

Vote in November.  Tell everyone you know to vote in November.  If we don’t, the Republicans will retain power and Trump will continue to remake our nation in the image of the world’s worst dictators.

We all need to vote if we are to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Do Something to Stop Trump

This just in:  Cub reporter Jim H. challenged me yesterday in a comment.  He wanted to know what I meant about “doing nothing” or “doing something” about Trump.  I’m taking up the challenge today with a little brainstorming session.  This list will come off the top of my head (much like my list on how to fix gun problems).  The point I hope to make is not “see how much I just solved” but rather, “If I can come up with a list of ideas, imagine what we could do if everyone tried to come up with ideas.”

In other words, I have faith in large numbers.

But first, before I go on another “list of stuff”, I want to pause for a breath.  There is good in the world and we should at least spend as much time appreciating that as we do being disappointed in the bad.

For example, in an underprivileged, minority community, there is an organization that mows the lawns of the local elderly…for free.

There is also a barber that takes $2 off of a haircut for a child that reads to him as his hair is being cut.

And now…here is an oldie but a goodie…

Now for my list on what to do to fix our political system…

  1. Vote.  Your vote counts.  I recommend voting by mail.  You will get the ballot in the mail and can mail it back postage-free.
  2. Find your soapbox.  Let people know what you think.  This blog is my soapbox.  It can be yours as well.  Post comments.  Don’t let my thoughts be the only thoughts.  Repost those posts that strike home with you.
  3. Write to your congressman.  I send Diane Feinstein an email about once every 6 months.  I try to be polite, patient and fact based.  Contacting your congressman is as easy as googling their name, going to their website and hitting the “contact” button.
  4. Attend rallies.  If you are pro-NRA, go to one of their rallies.  If you think the NRA is a terrorist organization, then go to the anti-NRA rallies (I’ll see you there.)
  5. Turn your back on Fox News, Breitbart and the like.  You won’t get rid of them because, hey…”haters gotta hate.”  However, you don’t need to let them into your front door.
  6. Look for ways to attack the root causes.  For me, this means supporting (1) any measure that takes money out of politics, (2) any measure that takes your religious beliefs out of my life, (3) any measure that criminalizes racism and intolerance.
  7. Pay attention.  Is the Mueller investigation a witch hunt?  If you think it is, then you’re not paying attention.  Do you think Trump is bailing out Chinese companies out of the goodness of his heart?  If you say “yes”, then you’re not paying attention.
  8. Question yourself.  If you saw a post that said, “Incredible tape shows Trump talking to Putin about overthrowing the U.S. Government”, don’t immediately assume it’s true and start reposting it.
  9. Fact check the Haters on Facebook that continually post divisive memes.  In the comment section of their post, clearly state the facts and your source.  They hate that as much as they hate everything else.
  10. Support local and state government.  California is a shield between Trump and the people of the state.  Trump wants to let cars pollute.  California says, “Fine, but not in our state.”
  11. Vote for women.  I don’t know about you but I’ve about had enough of old, white and wealthy men running the show.  Now, some men are good politicians but my motto is “If I’m in doubt, I vote the man out.”
  12. Challenge racism on the spot.  There are a lot of recent incidents where a racist is behaving badly in public and people confront him right then and there.
  13. Pick your battles.  If you try to fight every battle you will lose them all.  Choose what is important to you and then, arm yourself with facts and associate with those that think similarly.  I am pro-life (for a lot of reasons) however, I don’t care if you are anti-abortion.  If you are, then good for you.  I’m not going to fight that battle.  I think guns cause gun deaths.  If you don’t agree, then we are going to do battle (Not literally.  Remember, arm yourself with facts.)
  14. Boycott.   If you are anti-NRA, then vote against those that support them and don’t buy products from companies that associate with them.  In other words, vote with your wallet whenever you can.
  15. Nothing to excess.  This is always a good idea.  For me, I struggle with this constantly.  I can get very frustrated watching the daily “Trump Fucked Something Else Up” show.  Sometimes, it’s best to just sit back and watch a video of a dubbed seal.

or….you can do nothing….that is always an option.

But for me, I choose to save the world.

Up, up and away…




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I know who to blame

This just in:  I noticed I have become increasing less sensitive to those that propagate political nonsense.  For example, yesterday I saw a post that said, “Hitler supported universal healthcare.”  The implication seemed to be that if you supported everyone having healthcare as a right…you want to kill 6 million Jews.

So…today…I’ve decided to put “niceness”aside and call ’em as I see ’em.

Let’s start with Trump.  He is a crime family boss indebted to the Russian government.  His existence as our president instead of an an inmate is the fault of the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

For underprivileged kids that get free meals at school because their parents can’t afford to feed them….I blame the Democrats and those that vote Democrat.

For a tax break that gives billions to the richest in the country while almost nothing to the middle class and the poor, all the while creating the largest annual deficit in our nation’s history…I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Every time there is a “Death by Gun” I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

When there are federally funded advances in technology and medicine, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Every time there is an attempt to keep people from voting (voter suppression) or to keep 1 vote from having the same weight as another vote (Gerrymandering) I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Every time I see a public project, like transportation, that costs billions but contributes to the public good, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever the NRA gets it way with regards to gun legislation, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Whenever our government reaches out to help those in need (contributions to poor countries, welcoming refugees etc) I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever my health care cost go up as services decline, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

Whenever I see the United States working with other countries in harmony on issues such as the Environment or trade, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

When I see a news station put out knowingly bias and/or false information while those that offer real news are called “fake” I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.  (You must watch this video to see what I mean.  After watching…pass it along)

When people see families as families and not as “Muslim” or “Mexican” and treat them as such, I blame the Democrat Party and those that vote Democrat.

Whenever I see the rest of the world turning their back to the United States, whether it’s because of trade or human rights or whatever, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

When I see hate groups legitimized; when Muslims are seen as terrorists and Mexicans as someone to blame for our own shortfalls, I blame the Republican Party and those that vote Republican.

In short, I see no reason to vote Republican.

I see nothing but The Dark Side, when I think of a Republican.

It has not always been this way.  I, myself, am an ex-Republican.  However, in the last 15 years…this party has morphed into something unrecognizable.

We must vote in 2018.  We need this corrupt Political Party of fear, hate and greed to be erase from the American vista.

Now…it’s time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Connecting a Few Dots…

This just in:  Sometimes completely unrelated things happen in such a way as to appear that there may be a relationship, where there is not.  Here is a website that is dedicated to such things.  This is really interesting and I recommend you check out the link.


At other times, things that appear related may actually be related.

I want to take a minute to look at a few of these relationships.

Of course…this is all about Trump.

  1. Trump has clearly worked with Russia to get elected
  2. There appears to be a payback to Russia for their help when Trump refuses to implement sanctions against Russia
  3. Russia funnelled money to the NRA who in turn, gave it to Trump
  4. The NRA is one of the major funders of the Republican Party
  5. Only NRA funded Republicans, and NRA funded Trump appear to feel there is no solution to gun violence other than “thoughts and prayers”
  6. Russian bots immediately started posting fake news (gunman was a secret muslim) about the Florida shooter.
  7. Trump, in a message about Florida, didn’t even mention the word “gun”
  8. Fox News supports all things Trump and Republican

So, if I was to make a bed and fill it with members of the same team, that bed would contain: President Trump, Russia, the NRA, Fox News and the entire Republican Party.

It’s nice for them to all be in same place.  I can, at a glance, look at who I want to vote out of office later this year. (Trump in in until 2020 but a Democrat Congress will kick him out sooner).

Vote in 2018 and save the world.

Up, up and away…


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The Power of Your….One….Vote

This just in: Our elected officials are just that….elected.  Who we elect will dictate the direction our country takes at any given time.  If you vote, you are helping to put people in place that will take us in a direction you want to go.  If you don’t vote, you are letting others elect people that will take us in the direction others want to go.

So…if the direction of our country is important to you…you need to vote.

Here is a list of a few “different directions” and the associated political party:

Gun Violence:

Democrats: We could have sensible gun control that would not violate the Second Amendment but does help reduce gun violence in the United States.  This violence accounted for 38,000 deaths in 2016.

Republicans: We know guns cause gun deaths, however, the NRA funds most of our campaigns so we ignore the 38,000 deaths caused by our inaction in 2016.  Trump received record amounts from the NRA when running for president.  Last year he overturned Obama’s restriction on allowing guns to go to the mentally ill.


Democrats: We need to take steps towards improved healthcare.  This includes controlling costs and improving care.  We know this can be done because all other industrialized countries have successfully take this issue on.  We like the “single payer” issue where taxes go up but all healthcare is now paid for automatically.  However, many of us lack the political will to follow through with this.

Republicans:  We once supported the “single payer” system but it is too close to what the Democrats want so we are against it now.  We like the “free market” system, not because it works but because people think it sounds “American.”  We actually don’t stand for any particular solution with regards to healthcare but we like the issue since it is politically divisive.

Opioid Crisis:

Democrats:  This is a major issue since 64,000 people died from it in 2016 and the number is expected to be much, much higher in 2017.  This is an “all hands on deck” issue in that every effort must be taken to address this.  We need treatment.  We need to have alternative pain medication (cannabis). We need to prescribe it more carefully.  We need to research other means of addressing this issue.

Republicans:  People should take aspirin instead of opiods.  We need to tell people to “just say no.”

The Economy:

Democrats:  We need to support the Middle Class as they make up 2/3 of our economy.  We need to promote international trade.  We need to address income inequality as it is a known societal disruptor.  We need to provide social safety nets for people that fall on hard times so they can get back on their feet.

Republicans:  If we give more money to the rich, they will hire more people to mow their lawns.  This is called trickle down economics. Social safety nets are for lazy people.  We don’t need international trade deals because other countries actively seek out the “privilege” of buying our goods.

The Military:

Democrats: Our military needs to be big enough to protect the United States.  We need to foster diplomacy since agreements across a table are less costly than agreements across a battlefield.  We need to work closely with our allies.  We do not need to be able to fight the whole world.

Republicans:  Telling people to be afraid is the core of our party.  “Be afraid and we will protect you” has proven to be an effective way  to get people to vote Republican.  A large army makes other countries fearful of us and thus, be more respectful.

Money in Politics:

Democrats:  They take plenty of money from lobbyists and allow that money to influence their policy making.  However, they actively push to eliminate/reduce money in politics.  They can’t simply, “not take money” and let the other party rake it in since money does influence elections.  They are reluctant participants in the “money for policy” mentality in Washington.

Republicans:  They have a history of creating policy completely disassociated with the needs of their voters but in complete alignment with their donors.  They not only love money in politics, they want even more and have come to be completely dependent upon special interest money.


Democrats:  Russia is not our friend and needs to be watched carefully.

Republicans: Russia helps to elect Republicans.  That is all you need to know.

As you can see, there are very different directions our country can take.  I haven’t even touched on corruption, civil rights, global relations, global warming, education, science, honesty etc.

In my view, Trump and the Republican Party are the exact opposite of who I think we are as a country.

My fear is that I may be wrong.

My intent is to vote and to get other like minded people to vote as well.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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