And the Answer is…

This just in:  The United States has a very large population of uneducated racists that will believe anything they are told.

That is the problem.

Trump releases a memo that basically says, “Carter Page has been under FBI investigation for about a year because of suspected ties to Russia.”

Trump then holds this up and says, “See!  The FBI is biased against me!”

To me, this makes about as much sense as stubbing your toe and then screaming, “Carrots cause rabies!”

But people in rural America will only hear Trump and nod in agreement.

This morning, Trump tweeted about thousands of British that were in the streets protesting against their universal healthcare plan.  In truth, people were protesting that the government needed to spend even more to make the healthcare even better.

In short, Trump tweeted the exact opposite of what was going on because he wants to turn us against universal healthcare.  His supporters….they will nod in agreement that healthcare is bad…M’kay.

Trump is actively deporting people willing to take the most menial jobs; ignoring that we need those people to help our economy grow.

Trump only wants to bring in people that can take high paying job positions; ignoring the fact that they will be taking those from current citizens.

In short, he is kicking out low wage earners to bring in high wage earners and claims that this will create high paying jobs.  Jobs we don’t need as unemployment approaches record lows.

And yet…Trump supporters nod at his wise counsel.

This is a problem.

In a democracy, the people govern themselves.

In our democracy, the people are not qualified to govern themselves.  Unless, we consider counter-science to be something we want to strive towards,

Trump is not the problem.  Get rid of him and we still have 60 million people that think what he is doing to our country is a good thing.

This is sort of a bummer to me as I have no clear path forward from here.  Cut off the head and we still have a body rife with cancer.

Maybe the answer is not “get money out of politics” or “stop electing racists”.

Maybe the answer is as simple as “Improve education.”

The sciences matter.  History matters.  Economics matters.

Racism comes from entrenched beliefs in ideals that are demonstrably false.

Fix education and you may find that an educated population is, in fact, capable of governing themselves.

Up, up and away…


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