Putin owns Trump…

This just in:  Before I get into the Putin/Trump thing…let’s just notice that the “Guns Killing Kids” issue has started to abate.  So now the NRA and Republican Party can get back to raking in Russian money.

As for Trump…

I have often wondered, possibly as often as several times a day….”How is it possible that Trump so consistently does the EXACT OPPOSITE of the right thing….every time he does anything?”

Could it be that he and I are exact opposites?  Possible, but it seems that we would agree on something every now and then.

But we never do…ever.

There is a reason for this that was recently divulged to Mueller who is investigating Trump.

It turns out that Putin told Trump not to make Romney his Secretary of State.  He wanted someone more friendly to Russia like Tillerson (Who Russia awarded with some sort of Best Friends Forever award).  Russia wanted someone that would help Trump NOT IMPLEMENT SANCTIONS.

Tillerson got the job.  Sanctions have not been implemented and Tillerson continues to cut away at the State Department; taking steps daily to ensure it is weaker than the day before.

So…was this the only thing Putin said.  Did it go like this “Just make Tillerson the Secretary of State and we’ll forget all about the decades you have worked with us to launder money.”  Is that what happened?

Or is Putin telling Trump daily “Do what I say or spend the rest of your life in jail.”

If I were Putin….I would want would love a trade war between the United States and the rest of the world.  I would love a U.S. president that praises Russia and refused to implement sanctions.  I would want a president that would not investigate Russian meddling in elections.

If I were Putin I would want turmoil in the White House.  I would want others in the White House that also launder money like Kushner so my reach would broaden.

I’d want a W.H. that would destroy the U.S. economy through unfathomably bad tax plans and budgets.  I would want divisive issues to be flamed; things like immigration and gun control.

I could go on and on but it is clear to me that either Trump is completely under Putin’s control or there are a heck of a lot of coincidences going on.

It is worth noting that our Constitution protects us from this by balancing power between the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.  Out Founding Fathers, however, didn’t count on the possibility that a foreign power would control both the Presidency and Congress.  By Congress I mean, the Republican Party.

My prediction is that Democrats will take the house and senate in the midterms.  Mueller will finish his investigation and Trump will be impeached.  Trump will then refuse to step down.

What happens after that will be up to our generals.

Up, up and away…


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The “hardening” of America

This just in:  The NRA and Trump (who received $31 million from Russia via the NRA) think that we need to “harden” our schools against attack.

I disagree.

I think gun control is the answer.  Here is a link to my ideas about gun control.

However, let’s go with the NRA/Trump idea…

Let’s harden our schools.  Let’s spend money on training and arming teachers. Let’s use metal detectors and auto-locking doors and name tags.  Let’s double the current spending on public schools with 100% of that increase going into “hardening” the classrooms of our kids.

Or…and I’m just saying…we could improve gun control.

However….let’s continue with the logical outcome of the Trump/NRA policy; one that basically says, “The only way to keep us safe from guns is to make sure more people have more guns.”

Once our schools are taken care of, let’s look at the next soft target.  I think we need to arm the cashiers at my local market and at the local mall.  Let’s arm all of the people in every public place so that the bad guy knows return fire is guaranteed.

Then we have my neighborhood.  I thought I needed a lock on my door but that is apparently not enough for the gangs of armed thugs.

Yes, we could make sure thugs don’t have guns but that is not in accordance with the Trump/NRA agenda.

So, I apparently need more than a lock and more than a 115 pound dog.  I need a handgun.

The bad guys know this so they get automatic rifles.

Not wanting to be “outgunned”, I now need an automatic rifle.

In short, I am being sucked into the Trump/NRA platform of fighting guns with even more guns.

Or…and I’m still just saying….we could improve gun control

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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