Gun Control Ideas

Gun control does not equal “Thelma!  Der a’comin ta git our guns!”

To me, gun control equals ways to control guns so that we can maintain the Second Amendment without continuing to kill our kids.

Here are some of my ideas…

  1. Ban the NRA or any other organizations that lobbies Congress in the interest of stopping any level of gun control while promoting the idea of putting as many guns into the hands of as many people as possible.
  2. Make it illegal for congressmen to accept money from any organization promoting gun ownership.
  3. Every gun should be registered.  Owning an unregistered gun would be a felony.  Failure to report a gun theft or any change of gun ownership would be a felony.
  4. Annual gun registration.  The fee would be small ($5 or so) with all revenue going into research on better gun control.
  5. Allow the CDC to conduct research on gun control using Federal funds.
  6. Annual licensing for gun owners.  Like a driver’s license, the first one comes after passing a test.  Later ones only need a small fee.
  7. Refresher training for all licensed gun owners.
  8. No automatic firearms of any sort.
  9. No gigantic magazines.
  10. Bio-locks which only allow the registered owner to fire the gun.
  11. Background checks any time gun ownership changes hands.
  12. A gun tax on all new guns that will be used to fund future research into gun violence and mental health screening.
  13. A streamlined way of being able to report a potential gun threat that will result in action.
  14. Guns and ammunition should be linked in such a way as to be able to identify what gun shot what bullet.  When a gun is manufactured, it’s “ammo signature” should go into a national database.
  15. A nationally approved and supported database on gun violence to include relationships between gun deaths and gun ownership.

This list was easy to create and came from a free flow of thought.  It is that easy to come up with ideas on how to better control guns.

Notice that none of these take away anyone’s gun.

Notice that none of these keep you from buying a gun.

I welcome any additions you may have.