NRA = Republican

This just in:  At a CNN town hall, a student confronted Senator Rubio and asked him to vow to not take any more money from the NRA.  Rubio’s response was that the NRA gives him money because they support his “agenda”.

In other words, the NRA has found that they support the “agendas” of all Republicans and it is just a coincidence that the Republican Party turns around and does whatever the NRA wants them to do.  Rubio actually said the money from the NRA does not influence congressmen.

Here is the NRA position on the gun issue: (1) Gun violence at schools is due to the fact that we have not “hardened” our schools to protect against crazy people and (2)  It’s terrible that a monster killed all those people in Florida placing the blame on the incompetence of law enforcement.

The president apparently supports this.  He actually wants to arm teachers in schools.  He has clarified this so that only highly skilled teachers would have guns.

I watched the president of the NRA screaming to his flock of faithful that “we must not allow those European Socialists to take back the House, the Senate or even the presidency. If they do, that will be the end of the Second Amendment!”

Basically fear speech aimed and the weak minded.  You know, the ones that believe this garbage.  The same ones that posted all the fake news about child actors pretending to be victims in Florida.  The same ones that call the victims in Florida and make threats because those victims dare to speak out about guns.

The more I think about the audience at an NRA rally, the more I think they might be the very people that represent the greatest gun threat to the people in our country.

Here are the 3 main arguments and my counter points:

(1) More laws will not prevent gun violence because criminals don’t follow the laws.  I say…if this is true of guns, then it must be true of all laws and we should therefore eliminage laws against murder, seat belts, speed limits, theft etc.

(2) This is a mental health issue.  This implies that since we have way, way more gun deaths in the United States than other countries…we must have way, way more mentally deranged people.  Note: Research has shown that about 4% of all gun related deaths in the United States are related to mental illness.

(3) It’s too soon to talk about this.  Let’s not talk about the latest mass shooting then.  Instead, let’s talk about the mass shooting before this one or let’s talk about the next mass shooting which, by my watch, is less than a week away.

Yes, there is talk about banning bump stalks and raising the age to 21.  This type of stuff is small potatoes…a token to pretend we are actually doing something.

In the end, the NRA is in the business of selling guns.  They bribe Republicans to help make this happen.

The safety of our kids means nothing to either….although….the NRA sees school safety as a way to sell even more guns.

Finally, I’m very proud of the kids in Florida; they way they are taking a stance when the rest of us, the adults in the room, stand by and do nothing.

They are the ones standing up and pointing out, “The King has no clothes.”

Soon….these kids will vote.  This gives me a tremendous amount of hope.

Up, up and away…



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