Republican = Russian…and they don’t even know it

This just in:  Congress overwhelmingly passed sanctions against Russia last year to punish them for influencing our elections.

Trump has refused to implement these sanctions based on the idea that “The Russians have learned their lesson.”

At the exact same time, every national security agency is saying loud and clear, “Russia has not learned any lesson and is already trying to influence the 2018 elections.”

On a completely unrelated note:  Collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the last election is not a crime UNLESS….Trump offers Russia something in return for their help.  Something like….refusing to implement sanctions.

On the Fetish Page…

Somewhere in my youth, I heard the word “fetish”.  This is a term that I somehow have come to associate with the idea that some men find women’s feet particularly sexy.    Interesting.  I don’t get it but interesting none-the-less.

Today, “fetish” to me is a reminder that we all have secrets.  We all have these little things we keep to ourselves, about ourselves because we have determined that we are ashamed of them.

I don’t have a problem with this and my guess is that I’m about average when it comes to “dirty little secrets.”

However, there is a class of “dirty little secrets” that has become rather transparent.

That class is “Trump Supporter.”

When someone supports Trump, I immediately assume that several of the following “dirty little secrets” apply to them:

  1. They are too lazy to educate themselves about facts.
  2. They are gullible.
  3. They are fearful.
  4. They are bad at math and the sciences.
  5. They are selfish.
  6. They are short-sighted.
  7. They are racist.
  8. They are evangelical.
  9. They are poor (and will be taken advantage of)
  10. They are rich (and willing to take advantage of others)
  11. They watch Fox News.
  12. They are excellent at mental gymnastics needed to justify Trump’s actions.
  13. They are white, male and over 55 years of age.
  14. They believe in conspiracies.
  15. They believe that their failure in life is due to someone else.
  16. They gobble up Cherry Picked data that supports their position.

These are all things, that if they belonged to me, would be filed in my “dirty little secret” box.  I would be ashamed to let you know these things about me.

But…when someone says, “Gotta get me some more Trump!”  They are spilling this secret box for all to see.

And I pity them for it.

Up, up and away…




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