My Biggest Trump Disappointment

This just in:  There are all kinds of things about Trump that I have a problem with.  However, the biggest disappointment of all…may surprise you.

Let’s start with the runners up; those things that disappointment but are not the single biggest disappointment.

  1. Healthcare is essentially back to pre-Obamacare.  I can’t believe that I’m still hearing “We, the greatest country in the history of the world, are unable to put in place a healthcare system that little countries like Norway have.”
  2. It’s a little bothering that we seem to be trying to break up NATO.  Not too big a deal as everyone realizes that this is a “Trump” thing and will pass soon enough.
  3. The Republican Tax Cuts benefited nearly no one except the very, very rich.  We are borrowing trillions to pass along to the already rich.
  4. Corruption seems to have become acceptable in the White House cabinet.
  5. Trump appears to be working in the service of Russia.  The Republican party seems to be complicit in that they turn their head or actually enable him.
  6. The current environmental strategy of our government was written by a coal baron.  We have set the stage for massive exploitation of our nation’s natural wealth.  Yesterday introduced a rollback of gas mileage standards.  This increases our fuel costs, harms the environment and benefits only those who depend on fossil fuels for wealth…like Russia.
  7. We have backed away from every single international trading deal.
  8. Trump has made racism and religious extremism acceptable.
  9. The national debt is skyrocketing faster than it has in the history of our country.
  10. Russia is interfering in our elections and I can’t tell if we are doing something about this or if the White House thinks its a hoax.
  11. Education seems to have become a bad idea.
  12. Immigration, one of our greatest legacies, has become a “hate word”.
  13. The world now thinks the United States is on the decline.  They may be right.  Countries that once depended on us are making plans for a future without us.
  14. China, North Korea, Iran and Russia are all growing problems that Trumps claims to have solved by saying, “I have great relations with these people.”

So there you have it…the runners up.

What is the big winner?  What is my biggest disappointment with Trump?

It’s knowing that people I know, people I grew up with, people I once respected…find ways to support Trump.

It’s not that we are on different sides of the abortion issue or gun rights.  It’s that they watch him do one thing on television and then hear him later deny that it happened….and they agree with him that it didn’t happen.

The gymnastics Trump supporters go through to stay attached to this damaged president is very telling.  It makes me think less of them.  I don’t want to but I can’t help but watch them and think, “Have you lost your mind?”


Up, up and away…





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