The Faux News Roundup

This just in:  I’m getting tired of CNN and MSNBC so I think I’ll watch me some Fox News…

I’ve heard of this guy Glenn Beck.  He’s known for crying a lot.  Maybe I’ll tune into him.  Wait…he seems to have been forced off the air in disgrace.

No problem…I’ve heard a lot about this Bill O’Reilly guy.  He says he is “fair and balanced” so that sounds like just the ticket.  What!  He’s been force off the air in disgrace as well?  He was their top guy; the Face of Faux News and now he’s gone.

I’m going to send an email to Roger Ailes and let him know how pissed off I am.  What!!?  My email bounced back.  It seems the CEO of Fox has been forced out in disgrace.

Not a problem…I’ll send and email the his number 2 guy, Bill Shine, the co-president of Fox News.  Oops…his email bounced as well.  Looks like he’s been forced out in disgrace as well.

Maybe, with these top guys out of the way…Fox finally learned their lesson and is now doing real news.

Let’s see….how about Laura Ingram.  What!!??  She’s on the brink of being forced out in disgrace after having cyber bullied a 17-year old boy that was at a school when a mass shooting occurred.

Still, not a problem.  I’ll go with the current Face of Fox…Sean Hannity.  What!!?  He’s radioactive as well?!  Turns out he claimed he wasn’t a client of Trump’s lawyer, Cohen and then in court, it was said that he was.  This means Hannity has been biased in favor of Cohen all along.  So when you heard him defending Cohen on live television, he was really trying to defend himself because he doesn’t want his meetings with this lawyer to get out.

In Hannity’s defence, he said there was never a “third party” involved with his dealings with Cohen.  I’m not sure how that works.  Maybe he was doing a will for Hannity.  Outside of that, I can’t think of why anyone would want a lawyer when there was no other party involved.

Or….Hannity was lying.  He was biased.  His advertisers are about to flee and he will be sent to the dung heap that is Faux News

Just sayin…

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…



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