This just in:  I saw a post the other day between a couple of guys; one was pro-Trump and the other was anti-Trump.  In the end, the pro-Trump guy tossed in the towel with “Hey, all of these politicians are incompetent.  We should throw them all out.” In other words, he wanted to settle for […]

This just in:  The entire world, via the UNITED NATIONS, just voted to condemn the United State’s decision to move our embassy for Israel to Jerusalem.  Our response was “Screw you guys, I’m going home; and I’m taking my money with me.” Trump has pissed off the entire world once again, but…I don’t want to […]

This just in:  For the last week, I have not posted political stuff on Facebook and have limited myself to a single paragraph of political stuff on this blog.  Man…this is really hard to do.  As a compromise, I may start putting more in my blog while still avoiding Facebook.  I have to do this […]

This just in: The FCC who has governorship over internet regulations has just voted, along party lines, to eliminate Net Neutrality. What is Net Neutrality?  In it’s simplest form, Net Neutrality means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs)must treat all traffic that passes through their system equally. This sounds kind of like “So what?” until you […]

This just in:  I want to be clear…this post is NOT about politics.  It might feel that way but it’s not.  It’s about economics. There are two basic ways to control the pace of growth, or fight off a recession: (1) fiscal policies – government spending or (2) monetary policies – the Federal Reserve raising […]

This just in:  There is an episode in South Park where the boys discover a game at a carnival is rigged.  They declare “Shenanigans!” and the cop shows up.  Here is a link to it. Basically, they are faced with a situation that they highly doubt is legitimate and they are claiming “Bull Shit.” So, […]

This just in: After a couple of weeks off, I’m back. A couple of things took place.  First, I finally dropped Godaddy as the host for this site.  Secondly, I think I want to stop being so 100% political.  I can’t help myself in this regard but I think a compromise may work.  I will […]