Republican Party is a P. R. Firm For Special Interests

This just in:  I know why the Republican Party does what it does.

I have long wondered “Why would the Republican Party vote this way or that when there is overwhelming evidence that it is bad for the country or in direct conflict with their stated beliefs and works against the wishes of their constituents?”

In other words…it looks like every day is Opposite Day for Republicans.

Now I think I understand why.

The entity known as the Republican Party is not a political organization.

The Republican Party is a Public Relations Firm for Special Interests.

The N.R.A. pays them money to make sure we can still buy lots of guns.  The Republican Party comes out with a campaign that says “If we pass laws against guns only the bad guys will have guns.”  The people believe  and the NRA pays its bill to the GOP.

A billionaire casino owner wants the U.S. Embassy to Israel moved to Jerusalem.  The Republican Party makes it happen and spins it as a “great idea”, completely ignoring that it condemns the Middle East to decades more of war.  The billionaire pays its bill to the GOP.

Koch Brothers want to pay less in taxes and want to have fewer regulations.  The Republican Party says, “We are passing a tax cut that will create 5% economic growth and create millions of great paying jobs.”  This spin is in direct conflict with economic thought and experience.  It has been a huge failure that will eventually lead to a recession.  The Koch brothers pocketed their new-found billions and paid the fee to the Republican Party.

In Public Relations, the goal is to get people to believe what you are telling them.  If it is true or not is unimportant.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-Constitution even though they routinely ignore that particular document.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-fiscally responsible even though they are the exact opposite.

The GOP advertises themselves as Pro-Democracy but blatantly oppose letting people vote that will vote against them.

Let’s take a look at their P.R. toolbox.

  1. First and foremost is hate and fear. “You are in danger and only we can help” or “Immigrants are the reason we have crime and not enough jobs.”
  2. Second is an understanding that people will believe anything they hear so long as it meets one single criteria….Am I hearing what I want to be true?
  3. A bullhorn also known as Fox New.
  4. A Useful Idiot also known as Donald Trump.

Like Trump, the GOP has no real values.  They will tell you what you want to hear and then act in a way that is laser focused on those that pay their fee.

This idea, that the Republican Party is just a P. R. firm, came to me about a week ago.  During the last few days, I have been watching the GOP to see if they fit this model.  Turns out, they fit it to a tee.  I cannot come up with any action that they have taken that could not be reduced to “Follow the money.”

Now for a gratitude list…

  • The Army-Navy game
  • Baby Panda videos
  • The pending finale of Trump Season 2
  • Shopping online
  • The end of an ice cream headache
  • Cheesecake for breakfast
  • Sleeping in late
  • Walking the dogs on a beach
  • Bacon and anything else
  • Sleeping through a long flight
  • Cooked ribs from Costco

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…






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