A Nation Exposed

This just in:  The elections are history and the verdict is in…about half the country thinks Trump is a great president.

To me, this is a huge disappointment.  I don’t care if everyone is a Republican or if everyone is from Mars.  I do care that half of our country listens to Trump and Fox News and reaches the conclusion that he represents what they believe.

Women that are raped should be taunted?  Hungry, poor and frightened mothers and children are an invasion?  Fear and hate equate to strength and public policy?  Lying is okay but the free press is the enemy of the state?

These are not “Fake News” perspectives.  These are easily verifiable states of being under Trump.

I saw a Trump supporter being interviewed on television 2 days ago.  Here is how it went:

Reporter:  But you know Trump lies about nearly everything.

Trump Supporter:  I know that.

Reporter: Then why do you support him?

Trump Supporter: Because I trust him.

I shit you not.  That is what she said.

Maybe the Koch brothers are right.  Maybe we are incapable of being trusted to govern ourselves.

Then again…maybe Trump is the greatest thing ever and I am the one that is being misled by Fake News.

Here is what I don’t want from the Democrats:  I don’t want them spending the next 2 years campaigning against Trump.  I don’t want them doing a Mitch McConnell stonewall against all things Trump.

Here is what I do want:

Protect the Mueller investigation.

Pass legislation about anti-corruption.  Or at least, get it out of the House and let the Republicans publicly turn their nose up at it.

Pass legislation about Gun Control, about Campaign Finance Reform, about Immigration Reform, about Healthcare, about tax reform.

Pass legislation to protect LGBT rights, to protect minorities, to protect religious freedom, to keep religion out of politics.

Get this legislation out of the House and let the Republican Senate say “no”.

In other words…Democrats…don’t be vindictive.  Be Progressive.

That is the path to saving the world.

Up, up and away…



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