This just in:  I woke up this morning…inspired and yet mired.  There is just so much I want to get on the table that I find myself lacking direction.  So, I’ll throw stuff out there in no particular order.

Let’s start with a video of me doing my morning exercise…

Now a couple of political points…

Trump cancelled the security clearance of former CIA director Brennan.  Now, Brennan doesn’t need this clearance but the rationale is what concerns me.  Trump is doing this because Brennan is a political enemy.  Trump also listed several others that he was threatening.  In short, Trump is using his position to attack those that speak out against him.  What’s next?  IRS audits if you speak out against him?

A Republican Congressman this morning criticised Trump’s tariffs and the Brennan issue.  He then went on to say how happy he was about the great economy and rise in wages caused by the tax cut.  So, when it comes to something he had a hand in…nothing but good news…except the tax cut is doing nothing for wages.

For some reason, Trump calling Omarosa a “Dog” is still bothering me.  If my neighbor referred to anyone that way, I’d be disappointed in that person.  For the president to do this, knowing he is under fire for being a misogynistic racist shows a complete lack of understanding his place in the world.

Trump’s need to strike back at anyone that opposes him (instead of doing his job) reminds me of this…

And finally, I like good news and I like Reddit.  Here is a subreddit called “good news.”  People go here to post news that is actually good.  Check it out.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…








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4 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. James B. Morning exercise? We were roommates at Navy and you did that every day. I always thought it was just how you rolled out of the rack every day. I never realized you were exercising.

    Your blogs are getting better and more coherent. Brennan does need his clearance. I am sure he is on many Boards and the reason they do that is for his background and his clearance. The clearance is a BIG deal.

    IRS audits? Done by J Edgar Hoover, Nixon, Obama’s IRS. This is nothing new. Trump won’t be the 1st nor will he be the last.

    I’ve got to believe the WH staff is shitting themselves on the dog tweet. I think Trump did the clearance thing to divert attention from the N word, the dog tweet and Manafort/Cohen. His usual MO, change the topic. The new topic is clearances. This will run the news cycle for a week and people will forget about the other stuff. Standard MO. He may have a battle though because Omarosa is equal to the reality TV, look at me hype. Trump and her did it together for 15 years.

    Up, up and away

    • Interesting that he still needs his clearance. I’m wondering if an NDA can help him get around that in the civilian world.

      • NDA cannot be used for transmitting classified information. You would go to jail if caught. He has to have his clearance. Every military contractor transfers clearances. Same with Govt officials unless they have violated the law. Brennan did none of that

  2. He needs the clearance. NDA’s cannnot cover classified material, one would go to jail. You need the clearance.

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