Old White Males are the problem

This just in:  I’m an old, white, male.  For that, I apologize.  Anyway, I got up this morning with two thoughts in my mind: (1) Rep. Collins got caught doing something wrong that is not related to his being a Republican and (2) While we all have flaws, one political party seems to have institutionalized those flaws.

Let’s get started.

I suppose we are all flawed in one way or another.  I like this idea.  If we were all perfect, I think the world would be a very boring place.  This is especially true for me as I view life to be valued as a journey rather than a destination.

Every now and then, I drive from San Francisco to Bakersfield.  I can drive as fast as I want.  The traffic is rarely a problem.  There is gas and food along the way if I need it.  But…it is the most boring trip anyone can make.  There is absolutely nothing to see along the way.  Wait, that’s not quite true.  There is a lot to see; its just that everything you see is exactly like everything that you just saw.

I’d much rather drive by some trees or a tall building or a river.  I would much rather have each scene be different from the one before.

I think you get my point.  Flaws make us interesting and thus, life is more interesting.

Still, we don’t have to accept everyone’s flaws; especially if those flaws affect us as individuals.

Our politicians, being people, have flaws.  Their flaws seem to be bigger or more impactful than say, the guy that packed your groceries.  I’m not sure if this is because they are in the public eye and the flaws are thus magnified or…did their flaws drive them to seek positions of power where they could further exploit the benefits they gain from their flaws.

Probably a bit of both.

Some flaws seem to be fairly standardized.  Men seem to be the ones most likely to have some sort of sex scandal.  I don’t think this is related to political party.  In fact, I try to avoid jumping on a “stomp him in the ground” bandwagon when a person from the opposition party gets caught in some sexual impropriety.  Both sides have this issue and neither side supports it.

Greed is another flaw that seems to be more of a man-thing.  Greed itself is not a crime but feeding this need with illegal activities is.  There are laws to stop some actions because “helping oneself hurts others.”  You can get rich by inventing an anti-gravity machine and feed your greed.  You can’t get rich by stealing from your neighbor.

As usual, I’m rambling a bit to get to my point.  I do this because my point only takes shape in my head as I write.  Thanks for the patients.

The point is…I jump on Trump and the Republican Party all the time.  I don’t do this because they are old, white, males with all of their flaws.  I do this because they have institutionalized the practice of self-enrichment at the expense of those that put them in office.

Trump has affairs.  I don’t care.  He’ll eventually pay a price for that.

Congressman Collins gets caught inside trading.  I don’t care.  He’ll eventually pay a price for that.

Congress passes a tax law that benefits those few billionaires that are funding their campaigns and thus, lower the quality of life for the rest of the country and future generations.  I have a problem with this.

Congress protects a president that is ruining the economy, our foreign relations and the environment so that he won’t turn on them and cause them to lose their jobs.  I have a problem with this.

Congress tells me that “thoughts and prayers” are the best way to solve gun violence because the NRA is paying them to say that…I have a problem with that.

Trump and the Republican Congress has institutionalized a culture of corruption.

Yes, everyone has flaws and you can go back in history and find corruption everywhere.

But never have we seen our government act as if there were no “American Public” to serve and see their positions as an opportunity to satisfy their every whim.

Just for fun…Here is a list of recent presidents with my short description…

  • Trump – Mobster
  • Obama – Smart but naive ( I would vote for him again)
  • Second Bush – Nice but gullible
  • Clinton – Shady
  • First Bush – Great American (I would vote for him again)
  • Reagan – Strong, resolute (I would vote for him again)
  • Carter – Too nice
  • Ford – no opinion
  • Nixon – Fearful

Enough rambling for the day.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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3 thoughts on “Old White Males are the problem

  1. James B. Your blogs have gotten better as late but this is your “jump back”. But, you are trying to say it more nicely. You at least get credit for that.

    Patience not patients.

    First, you shouldn’t have to apologize for 1. Being a man, 2. Being white or 3. Being old. The World is screwed up if everyone has to apologize for their gender, their race or their age. Why do you fall for that crap? You didn’t do any #metoo or fight against #BLM. So why do you feel compelled to announce that in order to ramble through until you come to your (flawed) conclusions? Is it to make your readers more sympathetic to your conclusions and therefore you sway their opinions?

    Collins will be judged and if guilty, i am guessing he is, he will go to jail along with his son and the father in law. It has happened before to many people from many walks of life and it will happen again. Greed is as old as life itself. As for your bold, unfounded assertion that “one Party” does it more, i would love to see you substantiate that with real facts. Instead, you prefer to “bait your audience” and “rally your base”. Say it often and loud enough, it becomes part of the universe occupied by the Trumps, Alex Jones’, Rachel Madow, etc. now, add James B to that list.

    As for Trump and the entire Administration enriching themselves, please provide exact details how they are doing that. Also, please research every Administration so you can draw a conclusive assertion that GOP does it more and worse than those sainthood Democrats. Add the State Govts to this sweeping review as well and you can make your claim if the facts bear this out .

    Here’s a fact. Red Sox will win the World Series. If they don’t, it’s because i am old, i am white and i am a male. And, the Democrats and Fake News stole it from them

    Up, up and away

    • Smitty, let’s start with this: My blog is a blog, not a documentary. If you want research done…try google.

      I see your pattern of trolling. If I am specific, you accuse me of casting a net too widely. If I speak in generalizations, you cherry-pick an exception.

      This post is not about me apologizing for being an old, white, male. Rather, it points out that I think Diversity is a good thing. We’ve gotten far too many old, white males and not nearly enough minorities, women, non-christian young people. If we want to change things, change the people we look to for change.

      Finally, The Red Sox have a pretty good chance to take it all. I put it at about 30%. They are using the Billy Bean math method which as Bean puts it, allows them to make it to the playoffs but after that, anyone can win a series. I’m not really following baseball much anymore. Not since I finally surrendered to the fact that my Oakland A’s were really just a farm team for Boston and the Yankees.


  2. James B. I love it. First time that i have actually read the comments section!

    I am glad you get so sensitive when i comment. I also really love it that you think I am trolling. Like you, i am just opining on your topics. I will refrain in the future.

    As for baseball, why give up? Your A’s are right there. I think everyone in baseball copies Billy. Everyone except the putrid O’s. They are the Redskins of baseball. A’s are still the shrewdest team in baseball. Your only problem is a cheap owner. Billy puts an amazing product on the field every year considering ownership gives him 25% of the hated Yankees and the beloved Red Sox.

    XXOO, oh- the Democrats are the MOST corrupt people in the World. I saw that on Hannity once.

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