Big News Day

This just in: Stephen Hawking died yesterday.  This man revolutionized physics in a way that few have.  We should take a moment to remember him.  Science matters.  Without it…we would be ruled by theology…or some other form of fake news.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party’s investigation into Trump’s Russian collusion came out of their hole and said, “Nothing to see here, people.  Move along.”

The Democrats involved in that same investigation came out of the same hole and said, “Looks like Trump did a whole lot of colluding.”

When Mueller finishes his investigation, someone will be proved wrong.  The same Mueller that seems to be charging people in Trump’s “clan” with crimes related to Russia nearly every week.

My bet is that a whole lot of people are going to jail and a whole lot of Republicans will be losing in the midterm elections.

On the “You’re Fired!” page…

The president of the United States fired his Secretary of State…by twitter.  That’s right.  I cannot imagine a more cowardly way to do that.  However, with Trump…it somehow feels normal.  That is how low the bar it.

On the Election front…

The Democrats have three problems: (1) I follow politics and I don’t know what their platform is, (2) They need to be able to communicate their platform when, and if, they get one.  “Not Trump” should not be considered a platform.  (3) Single issue voters.

Single Issue Voters!!??

Yes.  These are the people that vote based on a single issue; usually its abortion or guns.  So, if your party is against guns, and I like guns…I vote for the other guy.  If you are anti-abortion, I vote for you if I am anti abortion.  This means that Republicans can destroy healthcare, prevent people from voting, end Medicare or Social Security or even support a president that works for Russia….just so long as they are pro-gun or pro-abortion.

The “single issue voter” is the best evidence that Democracy doesn’t work; that we are incapable of governing ourselves.

However, Churchill was right when he said, “Democracy is the worse form of government except for all of the others that have been tried.”

Up, up and away…


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