Word That Should Exist…but don’t.

This just in: I was playing Scrabble with my wife yesterday. English is her second language so you’d think I would have an advantage. Turns out I didn’t.

She caught me three times trying to use all seven of my letter tiles to make words that don’t exist but should. If you use all seven of your tiles, you get a bonus of 50 points; something I desperately needed as she was crushing me.

Here are my 7-letter words that I tried to use but, for some reason, were left out of the Scrabble dictionary:

Lioning (verb): To be in the process of acting like a lion.

Snorier (adjective): To snore more than other people in a general location.

Boilage (noun): That stuff permanently bonded to the bottom of a cooking pot that you forgot and left on the burner.

These seem like legitimate words to me.

On the Entertainment page…

I saw Hamilton a couple of weeks back. It was great. I understand why Trump tried to tell us it was terrible (without having seen it). All of our founding fathers are played by African Americans. That’s all Trump needed to know in order to give it a thumbs down.

On the Literature page…

I’ve just started reading a book entitled The Second Mountain. It’s a book about life. The first mountain is our ego mountain where we focus on things like money and job. The second mountain is where we go when we surprisingly find the first mountain unsatisfying. The second mountain is about community and helping others. I’m finding it a very entertaining read and can relate to a lot of what I’ve read so far.

On the sports page…

I haven’t blogged recently so I want to shout out to Tiger Woods for his win at the Masters. Yes, he’s had his low points but I’d say that our great president typically does worse by the time he finishes his second helping of McBreakfast. My hope is that Tiger publicly turns down the Medal of Freedom that Trump wants to give him.

Time to save the world…

Up, up and away…


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