An absence of Shame

This just in:  I used to think the problem was “money in politics”.  Next, I blamed everything on Trump.  Now, I think it comes down to this…people no longer have shame.

Laura Ingram, a Fox News Host has taken to attacking one of the students in the Parkland shooting.  She’s actually cyberbullying this kid because he hasn’t been accepted at his first choice of colleges.  Why is she doing this?  Well, there is the money.  She has high ratings because she does stuff like this and her viewers eat it up.  Also…she has no apparent shame.  She sees nothing morally wrong with her position and actions.

Nunes is the Republican leading the way in protecting Trump.  If there is a wall, its the one Nunes is building around the president.  Now he is after the FBI to produce millions of documents that he says will prove….who knows what.  I think he is trying to paint the FBI as anti-Trump under Comey.  This seems to ignore the fact that Comey may have made the biggest contribution to Trump’s victory when he came out about “more Hillary emails” days before the election.  Nunes is the one responsible for putting out a misleading “memo” that was designed to paint a completely false picture about a FISA warrant.  He also brought the Senate investigation into Trump to an abrupt end saying, “nothing to see here.”  His blatant lying and other actions should be embarrassing to him.  Instead…he seems okay with all of this.  Shameless.

Trump himself is the King of Shameless Land.  He will hold up an apple and tell you its a stick of butter knowing that both you and him know that he is lying.  Shameless.

The woman in charge of the Department of Education seems bent on destroying education.  I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of shame or just incompetence.

The man in charge of the Department of Energy seems bent on stopping the pursuit of clean energy and actively stomps on any suggestion that there is a thing called Global warming.  Shameless or incompetence?

The man in charge of Finance believes in Trickle Down Economics.  He can’t be so stupid as to believe this so my guess is he is lying to enrich others.  Shameless.

Paul Ryan,  the Speaker of the House, pushed through a tax bill that gives billions to the richest Americans at the cost of a $1.4 trillion addition to our national debt over the next 10 years.  Then, he says, we need to cut Social Security and Medicare because we are out of money. Shameless.

Mitch McConnell has a huge list of lies.  For example: Obama came to him and said, “Hey, Russia is interfering in our elections.  We should put out a joint statement so the country knows this is a non-partisan issue and it is really happening.”  McConnell says “Nope”.  Then later he blames Obama for not telling us about the Russian interference. Mitch also prevented Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice even though he had about 8 months left in his term.  No Shame.

I am astounded by this lack of shame.  Not because “We should feel shame”.  But rather because, when we do the right thing (like tell the truth) we avoid shame.  If you have no sense of shame, there is nothing to avoid.  You can do whatever you want and your moral compass stays locked away in the closet.

We can fix this.

We can vote in 2018.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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