This just in:  Put a cat in a box with a decaying switch that will eventually release poison. Quantum Law says the cat it both, dead and alive until we actually open the box and have a peek.  This is famously known as Schrodinger’s Cat; a thought experiment about Quantum Theory.

So, according to Quantum Law, two opposite conditions of being can exist at the same time, so long as we don’t peek.

Trump is a lot like this.  Let me give a few examples…

Trump says something like, “We have the best tax reform coming up pretty soon.  It’s going to be fantastic.  This will spur economic growth up to like 6% (economists predict 2%).”

So, do we really have a great tax reform plan coming our way or not?  Trump says he has a The Plan.

Quantum Law (extrapolated to the political realm) says that we have both: a great tax plan and no tax plan.

Because both of these “opposite states of being” exist at the same time, everyone has what they want.  The people that like Trump can’t wait for Great Leader to unveil his gift to the country.  Everyone else shakes their heads and thinks, “Here we go again.  Another Trump bluff.”

We won’t know who it right until we peek.

But we have peeked at a few other things.

At one time the following existed simultaneously: (1) Obama had Trump wiretapped and (2) Trump lied about being wiretapped.

Also: (1) There were 3 to 5 million illegal voters or (2) Trump lied about this.

Also: (1) Trump has the best healthcare alternative to ObamaCare or (2) Trump lied about having a plan to replace ObamaCare.

Also: (1) Trump will keep the United States out of Syria or (2) Trump lied about Syria

Also: (1) Trump did no collude with Russia to get elected of (2) Trump lied about Russia

Also: (1) Korea was once part of China or (2) Trump missed a Geography class

Also: (1) Trump caused companies to bring jobs to America or (2) Trump lied about jobs since those moves were already planned before he took office.

Also: (1) We have an armada heading towards North Korea or (2) Trump lost the entire Pacific Fleet

Also: (1) We are going to do “extreme vetting” of immigrants or (2) Trump has no idea how we currently vet immigrants.

Also: (1) Trump helped force a runoff in the Georgia special election or (2) A nobody was able to force a runoff by being “not Trump”

This list can go on and on.

The point is, we all know that Trump lies.  He does this to create little “packets” of Schrodinger’s Cat.  He makes wild claims and then basks in a sea of “Theoretical Success” until someone peeks.

You might think “But we do peek.  He is routinely exposed as a Grifter.”

True.  But we forget.  If we don’t forget, we are at best, only mildly put off.

Trump has told so many lies that we have become immune to it.

The anti-vaxxer President has inoculated us against being put off by his wildly childish and unpredictable behavior.

The only thing we know for sure…if Trump said it…then it’s not true.

So, remember, for the next 3.75 years, it’s Opposite Day in the White House.

Up, up and away…