The Trump/GOP translator

This just in:  Beware of words, they can be misleading; especially if that is what they were intended to do.

Here are a few Trump words and their translations…

“Believe me” translates into..“I am lying to you.”

“Trust me” translates into “I cannot be trusted.”

“Everyone says this” translates into “I’m saying this and no one else, however, I want you to think everyone says this so that my words carry a heavier weight.”

“Lots of legal scholars say this” translates into “No legal scholar that is not on my payroll said this.”

“Witch hunt” translates into “I believe you can be manipulated into believing this in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

“We have started building the wall” translates into “We have taken the first step which is to start talking as if we are building a wall when we are not.”

“Scott Pruitt is doing a great job at the EPA,” translates into “Scott Pruitt is doing a great job at dismantling the EPA.”

My administration has done more than any other administration in the history of our country” translates into “We have passed a tax plan that takes from the poor to give to the rich AND…I have done nothing else.”

“We are being treated unfairly by these trade deals” translates into “I have no idea what is in any of these trade deals but I need to act like I can fix something that may or may not be broken so you will clap for me at my rallies.”

“I can pardon myself,” translates into “I hope Mueller understands that I will drag out my defense forever should he choose to indict me.”

“I have great respect for women” translates into “I like to have sex with women as an affirmation of my wealth and self-confirmation that I am not a homosexual.”

“We are going to have the best healthcare ever,” translates into “I know nothing about healthcare but I like the sound of your applause when I say words and stuff.”

“I have big hands” translates into “I have small hands.”

“I am being treated unfairly” translates into “I am rich and I should be able to do whatever I want and no one should point out that I can’t.”

Let’s throw in one of the GOP talking points just for fun…

“We believe in patient centered healthcare where you can choose your own doctor” translates into “Every plan proposed so far, including Obamacare let’s you choose your own doctor but we say this anyway so you will wrongs assume otherwise.”

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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This just in:  I was in Miami Beach last weekend.  As I walked along a harbor, I was able to marvel at the super yachts lining the piers.  These are boats that can easily cost tens of millions of dollars.

The thought crossed my mind, “I wonder how many of these yacht owners took their multi-million dollar tax cut and turned it into jobs?”

The answer is zero, of course.

People and companies don’t hire people unless they need to.  They also don’t give pay raises unless they need to.

In other words, the tax break for the rich did nothing to increase wages or create jobs.  This is Economics 101.  If you don’t agree with this, then you lack education.  This is not “a matter of opinion.”  It’s a simple fact.

So, where did that tax break money go to?  Well, individuals bought yachts or nicer houses or new dresses.  Corporations bought back stock which served to enrich shareholders.  If you don’t own stock, then you missed out on this as well.

The latest Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican Tax Bill is that it is going to bankrupt our country.  It is increasing our national debt by $1-$2 trillion a year…forever going forward.

Meanwhile…90% of American see no benefit.  None….

Eventually we will have to make some choices.  Let me list a few here…

  1. We can spend money on education. We can pay teachers living wages.  We can buy textbooks and computers. OR…we can let the very rich continue to buy yachts.
  2. We can maintain our roads and bridges.  We can invest in high speed transportation that brings labor into cities that are too crowded and too expensive to live in.  OR…we can continue to elect Republicans which are funded by groups like the Koch Brothers who are now making an additional $1 billion a year thanks to the tax break.
  3. We can create a healthcare system that is the envy of the world.  Or…we can allow income inequality to continue to grow so that for every $1 our country earns, $.99 go to the top 50 richest Americans…so they can buy more yachts.
  4. We can provide for Social Security so that our elderly don’t spend the last few years of their lives in poverty or as burdens to their children OR we can continue to believe the line that “Big Government is Bad” and thus continue to elect people that will govern to the needs of the rich.

These are the kinds of choices we face.  They are not new choices. They have always been there.

The right choice seems clear in every case.  The only roadblock is the Populist Agenda.  This is where someone with no educational background to support their assertion will tell you, “Vote for me and I’ll give you the best healthcare in the world and it will cost you nothing,” or “Vote for me and I’ll give you the biggest tax break in history and our economy will blossom with high paying jobs.”

Populism is basically promising people whatever they want to hear knowing that a large percentage will vote for you “just in case you really do know how to turn lead into gold.”

Populists are gullible and therein lies the problem.

Time for me to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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