A short list of Trump’s Troubles

This just in:  I was wondering about what Trump thinks of as he starts each day.  What are his priorities?  His goals?  Then it occurred to me that he must have very little time to do anything other than Damage Control.  I would like to think “Poor Trump.  He tries so hard and yet the world is against him.”  However, I think that most, if not all, of his troubles are of his own making.

Let’s take a look at them…

  • Colluding with Russia during the 2016 election has to be high on his list of troubles.  This is not an illegal thing unless there was a Quid Pro Quo; unless he promised them favors in exchange for their help.
  • The Mueller investigation seems to be expanding.  Mueller has the ability to investigate anything that arises as a result of his initial investigation into Russian Collusion.  This has given birth to a whole family of problems.
  1. Trump’s extensive Russian connections are being discovered.
  2. Trump’s finances are being investigated.
  3. Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are being investigated.
  4. Money laundering comes up a lot
  5. Dealings with Russian banks is a constant; especially when they found ways to loan him money when normal banks would not.
  6. Several of his closest associates have been indicted including his Senior Security Advisor and his campaign manager.  It’s as if everyone Trump worked with in his campaign is associated with Russia.
  7. Obstruction charges are likely to be brought simply because Trump has and is actively trying to stop the investigation.  This includes firing the head of the FBI as well as constant pressure to get his Attorney General to quit.

But wait…there is more outside of the Russia stuff…

  • Trump has dropped the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, leaving our seat at the head of the table empty, until China stepped in.
  • Trump has dropped the U.S. out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, leaving our seat at the head of the table empty, until China stepped in.  (China is not part of the TPP but is suddenly a major player in the regions economics and will likely join the TPP soon).
  • Trump has pissed on Canada and Mexico by trying to renegotiate NAFTA even though he apparently has no idea what that means.
  • Trump lies constantly which really highlights “Oh what a tangled web we weave.”  He seems to have overcome the burden of remembering his lies by simply not caring about them. However, his international credibility is shot; especially since he recently announced he intentionally likes to Canada’s PM.
  • The EU is putting together plans to ramp up a trade war after Trump fired the first shot with needless tariffs.
  • The Deficit is starting to shoot up and out of control following the recent tax plan; a plan that gives billions to the richest among us and virtually nothing to the poor and middle class.
  • The mid-term elections are shaping up to be a runaway for the Democrats if recent special elections are any indicator.  Republicans are being dumped right and left as the country observes their complicit behavior when it comes to Trump’s misdeeds.
  • An analytical firm that played a very major role in Trump’s election was recently outed as a company willing do just about anything to get their client elected.  Just by being associated with this company has cost Facebook $50 billion in the last 48 hours.  Trump, Russia, Bannon and Kershner all have their thumbs in this toxic pie.
  • A pornstar is about to spill the beans on Trump.  Watch 60 minutes this Sunday.
  • Trump got tens of millions of dollars from the NRA who is now being investigated for taking money from Russia and passing it along to Trump.  The is made worse by the fact that a bunch of teenagers noticed that the NRA is apparently a terrorist organization.
  • Trump is under criticism for his “brilliant” plan to fight the opioid crisis with a combination of commercials and death sentences.
  • Trump’s cabinet is experiencing the highest turnover in modern history with insiders describing Trump’s organization as being “in chaos.”

So, he wakes up to Russia, to money laundering, to questionable associations, to a world now led by China and to at least one pornstar.

Which of these are not of his own making.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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Big News Day

This just in: Stephen Hawking died yesterday.  This man revolutionized physics in a way that few have.  We should take a moment to remember him.  Science matters.  Without it…we would be ruled by theology…or some other form of fake news.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party’s investigation into Trump’s Russian collusion came out of their hole and said, “Nothing to see here, people.  Move along.”

The Democrats involved in that same investigation came out of the same hole and said, “Looks like Trump did a whole lot of colluding.”

When Mueller finishes his investigation, someone will be proved wrong.  The same Mueller that seems to be charging people in Trump’s “clan” with crimes related to Russia nearly every week.

My bet is that a whole lot of people are going to jail and a whole lot of Republicans will be losing in the midterm elections.

On the “You’re Fired!” page…

The president of the United States fired his Secretary of State…by twitter.  That’s right.  I cannot imagine a more cowardly way to do that.  However, with Trump…it somehow feels normal.  That is how low the bar it.

On the Election front…

The Democrats have three problems: (1) I follow politics and I don’t know what their platform is, (2) They need to be able to communicate their platform when, and if, they get one.  “Not Trump” should not be considered a platform.  (3) Single issue voters.

Single Issue Voters!!??

Yes.  These are the people that vote based on a single issue; usually its abortion or guns.  So, if your party is against guns, and I like guns…I vote for the other guy.  If you are anti-abortion, I vote for you if I am anti abortion.  This means that Republicans can destroy healthcare, prevent people from voting, end Medicare or Social Security or even support a president that works for Russia….just so long as they are pro-gun or pro-abortion.

The “single issue voter” is the best evidence that Democracy doesn’t work; that we are incapable of governing ourselves.

However, Churchill was right when he said, “Democracy is the worse form of government except for all of the others that have been tried.”

Up, up and away…


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