Please…Stop Electing Stupid People

This just in:  There is a saying that I’m going to add to – “Those that can…do.  Those that can’t…teach.  Those that can’t teach…teach P.E.  and now I add, Those that can’t teach P.E….run for Congress.”

Please don’t take offense here.  I think teachers are one of the most under-appreciated groups of people in the country.  But…you get my point at the end.

Congress…our leadership…appears to be filled with people that rode the small bus to school.  Let me give you some examples…

These are positions taken by the Republican Party…

le search results are politically motivated.

These are just a few things that come to mind.  This last one came to me as I watched Republicans whine about bad results coming up when their names are googled.  One Democrat said, “If you want positive results you must do positive things.”

I am convinced that one of the following 2 statements (if not both) are correct:

The Republican Party is stupid.

The Republican Party thinks you are stupid.

Now, of course, Democrats are not immune from this.  They do stupid things as well.  However, they do seem to believe in math.  They do seem to believe in history.  They do seem to believe in economic theory.

And….the fact that they tell you what they are going to do instead of telling you what you want to hear makes me think that they have faith in your intellect.

Short gratitude list…

  • Pre-cooked, frozen meatballs
  • I love my job
  • I’m in excellent health
  • My eldest son, Ryan and his GF are expecting a boy next year
  • My pitching wedge
  • Republicans losing the House and thus exposing Trump to investigation
  • Fact checking web sites
  • Videos of baby animals
  • Kaiser healthcare
  • Taking my dogs to the park

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…




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