Trump = Republican = Trump

This just in:  The members of the Republican Party, in large part, don’t appear to agree with Trump on a lot of things.  However, publicly, they stand by him.  When it comes time to vote, they vote with him.  When he behaves badly, they stand quietly in the shadows.  I’m sure they see this as a way to protest while not offending Trump.  I see it as them being “Complicit Through Silence.”

So, let’s stop pretending that the Republican Party and Trump are separate things.

If you vote for a Republican, what does this say about your beliefs…should you believe everything Trump says?

  1. You believe that the President of the United States has the ability to change the Constitution on his own.
  2. You believe that 5,000 malnourished women and children represent an invasion that justifies sending more than 1 soldier per refugee to the border to fight them off.
  3. You believe it is okay to grab women by the pussy.
  4. You believe that North Korea’s leader is a good guy.
  5. You believe that Congress is passing a tax cut for the middle class while they are home on vacation.
  6. You believe that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt.
  7. You believe that non-whites represent a threat to our country.
  8. You believe that Muslims are terrorists.
  9. You don’t believe that white people commit terrorist acts in our country.
  10. You don’t believe that minorities should vote if they are going to vote against you.
  11. You believe that corporations are people and should be able to influence elections with vast amounts of money.
  12. You believe that Trump weighs 235 pounds.
  13. You believe that saying, “We will protect pre-existing conditions” is more important than voting to “Eliminate pre-existing conditions.”
  14. You believe that NATO is a bad financial investment.
  15. You believe Putin is a good guy.
  16. You believe that a trillion dollar deficit incurred to give money to the very, very rich is sound economic policy.
  17. You think tariffs are a good idea.
  18. You think Climate Change is a Hoax.
  19. You think vaccines cause autism.
  20. You think Asbestos is not harmful.
  21. You think the Free Press is the enemy of the people.
  22. You think Mitch McConnell was right to delay hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nomination for nearly a year but was also right to rush Kavanaugh’s appointment for no apparent reason.
  23. You think Obama was stupid to say he would meet with North Korean leadership without pre-conditions and you thought Trump was heroic to do the exact same thing.
  24. You think we should have a balanced budget amendment and you think the budget-busting tax scam/plan was a good move.
  25. You think a rumor about Hillary running a pedophile ring out of a Pizza Hut was true but an expose about Trump’s lifelong tax fraud is “just political smoke.”
  26. You believe in lowering taxes and yet you want a military that can conquer the entire world all by itself.
  27. You are a conservative which means that you want to go back to the mythical days of an all-white, all-Christian country where the man runs the family and the woman stays home and keeps house.
  28. You respond to Dog Whistles like: (1) We are the party of family values, (2) We are the party of fiscal responsibility, (3) We are the party that believes in the Constitution, (4) We need to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, (5) We need to keep people from coming to our country from non-Christian countries.
  29. You respond to fear rather than reason.
  30. You listen for what you want to hear; choosing to believe that rather than investigate what may actually be true.

Now…these are just my observations.  I haven’t talked to every Republican out there and I’m actually quite certain that the above represents the minority of them.  However, there are enough people that fit the above descriptions to make a difference.

If the above characteristics don’t fit an American that you want…then vote!

Up, up and away…


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