The King of Lies

This just in:  We all know that Trump lies.  What we need to remember is that the entire Republican Party is complicit in these lies as they either remain quiet or actually stand and applaud as he makes stuff up.

We also need to remember that he lies because his base eats those lies up like Tic Tacs.

I challenge you to go to a Republican voter and ask them:  “How will Trump pass a 10% tax cut next week when such a bill has not even been written or discussed and Congress is actually not in session?”

Trump pulled this tax cut out of thin air and his fans went bananas.  Such a great leader to tell us that he is going to give us a tax cut!  Not a one of them said, “Hey…this smells like bullshit.”

Trump justified his belief in Saudi Arabia story by using money and jobs.  You may recall that the Saudis essentially said, “The journalist was playing jump-rope and fell.  When he hit the ground, he fell against a bone saw that completely dismembered him.”  Trump has claimed the Saudis have $110 billion in orders from the United States.  He then raised this number to $450 billion.  The true number is about $3 billion.  That’s right….three billion.

Out of thin air, Trump announced that people in California are rioting over Sanctuary Cities.  This is not happening.  He just made this up; probably a second before he said it.

Then there is the Army of Illegal Immigrants coming up from Honduras.  Keep in mind, the size of this “army” is about what you’d find at a mid-sized high school football game.

With no evidence, Trump claims that there are Middle Easterners and MS13 gang members in the caravan.  He just made this up.  By the way, Middle Easterners are welcome to apply for entry into the United States.  Trump throws that in there because he knows that stressing the “non-white” makeup of the crowd will play well to Republicans.

We have two problems here: (1) Trump lies about everything and (2) Republicans are too intellectually lazy to question him.  They just believe.

Now, not all Republicans are intellectually lazy, just like not all Republicans are racist.  However, to vote Republican is to support a racist President and a Party that subtly panders to the racist component of its base.

The only way to get out of this is to vote.

Up, up and away…


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