Vote next month

This just in:  When we go to vote next month, I think it is very important to remember that a vote for a Republican is a vote for Trump.  If you like Trump, then vote Republican.  If you don’t like Trump but like a Republican candidate, remember that candidate will do whatever Trump tells him and his party to do.

I’m in a bit of a hurry but I wanted to throw together a list of the latest Trump issues…

Trump is making the United States look evil by being the only country in the world that is willing to accept that a journalist was accidentally killed and dismembered by the Saudis.

Trump is getting ready to pull out of the Nuclear deal with Russia that was signed in 1987.  Yes, Russia is cheating.  Yes, the existing deal ties our hands with respect to the growing China threat.  However, is quitting the deal before an alternative is in place really what we want to do?  With no deal, we are guaranteed to enter a new global arms race.

Other deals Trump has pulled out of include NAFTA, TPP, Paris Climate Accord, contractual agreements with people that did work on his hotels.

Did you know that the tax scam passed by the Republican Party had a last minute inclusion that would allow real estate people to not pay taxes on profits like the rest of us?

Trump told a rally the other day that it was a good idea to beat up a journalist.

The NY Times has published proof that Trump owes $400,000,000 in back taxes.   This same article says “Trump got about $400 million from his day, not the $1 million he claims”.

Trump tweeted that a woman has a face like a horse.

Trump made fun of a woman that claimed she was sexually abused.

Republicans blame the high national debt on Social Security and Medicare instead of on the Trillion Dollar tax cut they gave to billionaires.

Trump falsely claimed that people in California were rioting in the streets because they wanted to get out of sanctuary cities.

While working hard to abolish every part of Obamacare, including “pre-existing” conditions, Trump claimed the Democrats were trying to get rid of “pre-existing” conditions.  In other words, he knows what voters want and is claiming that he is trying to get it while actively working to get rid of it.

Trump is acting like 5,000 people crossing Mexico as they look for a better life for their families is actually a Red Hoard that needs to be fought off using the national guard.

Recent emails show that Trump has ordered that rationale for getting rid of Endangered Species protections be kept quiet.

And here is the biggie…

Trump is now conferring with White House officials to find a way to tie up election results in court should the Democrats look like they are getting ready to take control of the House and maybe the Senate.

All of this is supported by the Republican Party.

Time to save the world….VOTE.


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