The Trump “Walkback”

This just in:  Following Global outrage at Trump’s performance with Putin on Monday, the president decided to rewrite history, putting himself in a better light.

Let’s recap.

I will be paraphrasing here…

The Before Picture

Trump:  I think our intelligence is wrong because Putin very strongly told me so.  I also think that Putin has a great idea.

Putin:  America will give us their intelligence, so we can tell how they wrongly reached the conclusion that we interfered in U.S. Elections.

Democrats:  This is treason

The World: This is treason

The Republicans:  NATO is good, M’kay.

The After Picture

Trump:  I think that I misspoke the other day.  I meant to say that “peach is the best of all cobblers, although, there may be other cobblers as well.  There is just no way to tell for certain.”

Democrats:  Who would believe this bullshit.

The World:  Who would believe this bullshit.

The Republicans:  Whew.  We’re glad he cleared that up so let’s get back to doing something else.

Trump followers: We too love peach cobbler.  Trump is the best.

So there you have it.

Up, up and away…


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2 thoughts on “The Trump “Walkback”

  1. James. Did you forget the “universal bipartisan support against Trump” on Monday evening? Maybe they don’t show the news in Cali. McConnell, Ryan, Corker, Sasse, McCain. I guess you just hate the GOP sonyou like to print things that aren’t universally true

  2. Certainly does not sound like what I’m reading. My guess is that if you look around enough, you will find instances that agree with you. Can you post a link to an article where a member of the GOP (that is not retiring) called Trump a traitor or something equally appropriate?

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