Trump – An American Bully Abroad

This just in:  The “Trump Goes to Europe” movie is going as predicted.

Let’s start with two well established facts: (1) Trump lies about everything and (2) Trump is a bully.

Trump’s first stop in Europe was to meet with NATO.  These are our allies.   We trade together.  We fight together.  We protect each other.  This was the strongest, most effective contributor to world peace….in the history of the world.

Trump spent two days trashing it.  He publicly chastised world leaders using made up statistics.  He went after Germany’s Merkel.  My guess is he did this for two reasons.  First of all, she is a woman in a position of power.  Secondly, she is vastly more intelligent than Trump and he sees this as a threat.

Trump came out of NATO basically saying “I set them straight and they will now pay more money into NATO.”  France’s Macron came out of the same meeting and said, “We didn’t agree to do any of those things Trump said.”

Now, who do you think is being honest?  Remember, Trump came out of his meeting with Kim-Jong-Flattop and declared the nuclear threat was over.  He then claimed that American remains from the Korean war had been sent from North Korea.  He also declared that as a show of good will, the United States would stop having military exercises with South Korea.  Of these 3 things, only one was true.  We did stop the exercises which means we gave that away and got nothing in return.

Next, Trump moves on to the UK.  He immediately went on a radio show and declared May, the British PM, was a disaster.  He also praised her opponent.  Later, when confronted with this, he denied it.  He denied it in the face of direct evidence that he was lying.

So, thus far, Trump has trashed NATO, trashed the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and trashed British PM, May.  Sprinkled in all of this has been numerous praises of Putin.

Next, he plays golf and then visits Putin to get further orders.

Never forget, as America’s standing in the world declines, the Republican Party has stood by and allowed this to happen.

Vote in November.

Up, up and away…


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4 thoughts on “Trump – An American Bully Abroad

  1. Balls. The Democrats aren’t exactly doing much tomstop Trump either. Why don’t you say that as well? Or, do they get a free pass, again, from you? Do you plan to delete this as well?

    • I’m assuming you and I have different news sources. Daily, multiple Democrats speak out against Trump’s tariffs, his lying, his joke in North Korea, his alienation of America from other countries in the world including our allies, his disparagement of NATA, his tax cuts, his immigration policies, his racism and his attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation. Possibly you think they are not doing anything because they are mostly impotent. Remember, they are the minority party in the House and the Senate. The GOP shoots down every effort the Democrats make to subdue Trump, never even letting issues get to the floor for debate.

  2. Jim. An alien invaded my email. I read the liberal WaPo daily. The Dems are as impotent as the GOP was under Nancy and Harry. The entire Democratic Party was just as quiet as a Church mouse (like the current GOP) so that they didn’t offend Obama, Harry or Nancy.

    • That is a false equivalency on many levels. The GOP stated, via McConnell that they would oppose any legislation by Obama just to make sure he was a 1-term president. This included refusing to work on immigration or healthcare. Now the GOP has changed the rules of the game. Simple majority, no filibustering (in some cases). The Dems are not even invited to some discussions. On healthcare, the Dems said they would support anything that made healthcare better. The GOP then offered nothing but repeals and then claimed “The Dems are holding us back.” I could write a book on this.

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