The Good, the Bad and the Orange

This just in:  A quick shout-out to all my peeps that missed me on Facebook while I was away.  I missed them too.

Now for the good….

In Thailand, 12 youth soccer kids and their coach were exploring in a cave when it started to rain.  The rain flooded the cave which is apparently several miles long.  For 9 days, people searched for the group hoping that they found some sort of “bubble” to hold out in until rescue came.  Today, they a were found.  All of them are alive.

As for the Bad…

I went to see the Beach Boys at the Marin County Fair.  I should not have done that.  Yes, I can now say that I saw the Beach Boys sing California Girl.  The music, while familiar, was sung by voices that should have retired a long time ago.  I feel bad saying that but hey, if you want to stay in the game…then stay in the game.  Don’t fade away into the sunset on stage in front of a few thousand fans.

I must admit, part of my frustration with the Beach Boys had nothing to do with the music.  Someone in front of me had a plate-sized cinnamon bun topped with ice cream.  It had to be about 10,000 calories.  I thought about reaching over and grabbing a handful…then blaming my wife, but there were too many witnesses….all of whom were also eyeing this delicacy.  So, I stood there drooling as the Beach Boys struggled to remember the words or even the day of the week.

Now for the Orange…

The two biggest “How is Trump Failing Today?” stories are: (1) His lawyer, Michael Cohen is apparently flipping and will now spill the cheetos on Trump and (2) Trump is now thinking of getting out of the World Trade Organization because the rest of the world agrees with every educated person in the United States that “Trump’s Tariffs are going to ruin the global economy.”

There is a ton of news on Trump.  None of its good.  Here is a link to Reddit.  If you follow this link, it will take you to hundreds of stories from hundreds of sources, all of which say something like “Trump is the worst at everything.”

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Orange

  1. I had the opposite experience seeing the Beach Boys. I grew up with their music but had never seen them. I enjoyed all of the old stuff—nobody else is playing it. It’s a bit sad when old acts are resigned to the fair circuit, but I can now cross the Beach Boys off of my list of bands I had never seen but wished I had.

    • Hi Dave,

      To be fair, I wasn’t on the island so I could only hear through the backup sound system. Also, being so far away kept me from having the “up close and personal” thing. I agree about the sadness of them being resigned to the fair circuit. I did see Pat Benatar there a few years back. I was up close and she rocked the house.

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