The Flash Mob Cure

This just in:  I have to admit that there is a part of me that must like being pissed off at Trump. How else can I explain my need to embrace this anger on a daily basis.

But there is a cure and it’s call Flash Mob.

For those of you that don’t know what a Flash Mob is, it’s an event that starts with seemingly random people coming together to act out a clearly rehearsed performance in a public location.

So, imagine you are at an airport waiting for a flight.  There are people everywhere…then one of them starts to sing.  Others join in. Instruments suddenly appear.  There is dancing etc.  It becomes clear that all of this has been carefully planned in advance.

The only reason I can see for this is to bring happiness to others.

There are a lot of these on YouTube.  I was watching them this morning and several thoughts passed through my head.  I’ll list a few of them here…

  • The children are fascinated by the entire performance.
  • The performers are selfless.  They perform for the applause and often fade back into the crowd when it’s over.
  • The entire performance and the crowd reactions make me realize where the true beauty lies in this world.  It’s within us.  It’s us sharing what we love with others.  It’s being in the moment.
  • Trump seems trite and irrelevant.

Take away food stamps.  Turn against our allies.  Be a racist.  While I’m concerned about all of this, I can watch a Flash Mob and know that someone as small as Trump and his minions will soon pass. They will become a footnote that reads, “For a short while, America lost its way.”

Here is a sample of a Flash Mob…

I know this is what beauty is.  I know because it makes me cry.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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