The Ugly-fication of America by Donald Trump

This just in:  If you follow a bad guy…you eventually become the bad guy as well.

I feel like I shouldn’t need to write about Trump since all new media is filled with stories about him.  Aside from Fox News and a couple of minor players…Trump is a lying coward.

Yesterday he was claiming that Democrats were responsible for the children being taken from their parents at the border.  When confronted with this obvious lie, he just repeated the claim.

It’s as if you held up a cheeseburger that had a label on it saying “This is a cheeseburger” and Trump looks at it and says, “Nice penguin.”

Today, I read that the United States is going to pull out of the U.N. Human Rights Council.  The reason is because everyone in the United Nations keeps insisting that Israel quit killing unarmed protesters at their border.  A couple of weeks ago an Israeli sniper killed a nurse as she tended to a wounded guy.  She was dressed as a nurse, was unarmed and was offering aid to a dying man when the sniper killed her.  Israel then got caught doctoring footage of the woman so it appeared that she was a terrorist.

The U.N. rightfully frowns on this.  In Trump’s America, we say, “Fuck the U.N.”

The U.N. also recently published a report that said Trump’s economic policies were creating millions of more poor people in the United States.  They cited the only reason these policies existed was due to politics.

Trump: “Fuck the U.N.”

The U.N. also published a report that called our recent actions of taking kids from their families at the border “inhumane”.

Trump: “Fuck the U.N.”

Let’s face it, in less than 18 months, Trump has taken us from “Leader of the Good Guys” to one of the low-life gangs that every other country turns its back on.  We are Russia.  We are Turkey.  We are North Korea.  We are the Philippines.

We are not the leaders of the worlds.  We have a rapidly declining economy.  A recent study found we have the worst healthcare in the industrialized world.  We have an elite class of super rich that rule over the other 99% who are poor.  We look at human rights perpetrated by other countries and say, “Fuck the U.N.” or “That Kim Jong Un is a strong leader.”

I want to be clear about something.  The Republican Party is terrified of Trump and will do nothing to stop him.  If you vote for a Republican this November, you are voting for another person that will support Trump.

So, what are you going to do to save us from this monster?

I plan on voting.

Up, up and away…


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1 thought on “The Ugly-fication of America by Donald Trump

  1. They aren’t terrified of him they are cognizant that Republican primary voters are vastly Trumpites so you won’t even get on the ballot if you don’t drink the kool-aid or at least pretend the emperor has clothes…..just like Democratic primary voters are starting to skew candidates though not nearly like the Rs

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