Houston – We have a problem

This just in:  When you have a president calling the Free Press the biggest enemy, you have a problem.  When you have a president that praises ruthless dictators in Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey and the Philippines, you have a problem.  When you have a president that trashes our decades old relationship with our nation’s allies in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the UK…you have a problem.

We have a problem.

Trump is rapidly becoming the American Dictator; someone above the law that wants to rule with an iron fist.

But wait!  Surely Congress will stand in his way.  The Constitution has a balance of power built into it.  This “balance” will keep Trump in check.  Right?


The Republican Party is terrified to speak out against Trump.  If they do, Trump will give them a nickname (“lyin Ted Cruz” or “Little Marco Rubio”).  If he trashes you, his faithful will vote you out of office; at least in the primaries.

How can this be?  Most Americans hate Trump.

True.  However, most Republicans, which makes up only about a fifth of Americans,  think Trump is doing great things (They like the path backwards to white, christian America).  In most primaries, only Republicans participate in choosing the Republican candidate.  It Trump says you are a problem, these faithful will follow his lead and vote you out at the primary level.

But wait!  The Mueller probe will almost certainly come up with something.

Perhaps.  However, if the Republicans control Congress when Mueller’s report comes out, it won’t matter what is in it.  Even the Justice Department is afraid of Trump so don’t expect anything from them.

If we want to stop Trump…we need to do it in 5 months.  We need to vote out the complicit Republican Party and put in people that will restore a balance to our government.

Vote in November.  Tell everyone you know to vote in November.  If we don’t, the Republicans will retain power and Trump will continue to remake our nation in the image of the world’s worst dictators.

We all need to vote if we are to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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