Sensory Deprevation

This just in:  A couple of days ago, I went to a “float spa” and spent an hour in a Float Tank.  I thought I’d share my experience here.

A Float Spa is basically a giant clam shell filled with very salty water.  The idea is that you will float in the darkness and have minimal external sensory input. These were once called Sensory Deprivation tanks.

There was a movie out about 50 years ago called Altered States.  In this movie, the sensory deprivation somehow brought out the animal in the subject.  I can’t remember much beyond that.

So, I show up for my session.  I take a shower being careful to wash my hair and all body oils off.  I then go to the tank.  You take off all of your clothes, put in some wax earplugs (optional if you want to keep water out of your ears).  Climb into the tank and there are 3 buttons.  One button cuts out the soft background music.  Another button cuts off the lights.  The third is an intercom you can use to communicate with the front desk.

So, I climbed in and pulled down the lid and turned off the lights and the music. There is so much salt in the water that you float about halfway out of the water.

I spent some time getting a feel for things.  How hard did I have to push down so that my arms when under water and touched the bottom? The water was about a foot deep.  How far would I drift around?  I’m 6 ft tall and my outstretched arms could not touch the sides.  What could I hear and feel?  I could hear my breathing but the sense of touch is almost non-existent unless I actively feel fo the sides or bottom.

So there I floated…basically wandering if I was going to turn into a monster or have some sort of enlightening experience.

It was very comfortable.  The water temp is set to match normal skin temp.

After an hour, the lights came back on along with the music.  My hour was up and I was still just normal old me.

But afterwards…

I was to meet my wife for lunch.  Instead of driving there from the Float Spa, I elected to walk the mile.  I felt very healthy.

At lunch I told my wife “This is the best calamari I have ever eaten.”  A bit later…”This is the best dessert ever.”

Overall, the rest of the day, I felt very unburdened.  It was as if the float made me feel physically healthy and mentally cleansed.

The next day at an Art Festival…Best corn dog ever.  Then…best turkey leg ever.

So…am I being more mindful or just more appreciative or…is the food suddenly better everywhere?

My plan is to go back.  The cost for a single visit was $89 but drops to $69 if you become a member and go once a month.

So, there you have it.  I think it was a good enough experience to make me want to go back.  I have yet to see the downside (other than it’s not for free).

Feeling much better about saving the world.

Up, up and away…


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