Let’s get ready to rrrrummmbblllle…..in Singapore

This just in:  Two leaders faceoff in Singapore tomorrow.  To have some idea about what to expect, we should know who the participants are.

In the West Corner we have the Toad with orange Overload.  The Cheeto Bandito.  The Blob from the Mob…America’s very own…..Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is the current “off the charts” record holder with Politfact.com.

His record on verified statements:

  • True 5% of the time
  • Mostly True 12% of the time
  • Half True 15% of the time
  • Mostly False 22% of the time
  • False 32% of the time
  • Pants on Fire  15% of the time

His record on International Agreements:

  • Iranian Agreement – Pulled out saying it was unfair
  • NAFTA – Threatening to pull out saying it is unfair
  • Trans Pacific Partnership – Pulled out saying it was unfair
  • Paris Climate Accord – Pulled out saying it was unfair
  • NATO – Trump hints at stopping funding
  • G7 – The other 6 actually want to kick out Trump

In the East Corner we have Kim Jong “never missed a meal” Un.  He’s the Panda Head King of crimes against humanity.

His record for keeping any agreement with any country is 1,004,322 to ZERO.  Of course, I had to go back several generations to get this complete count.

This meeting of equals will last for 2 hours and be attended by only these two men and their translators.

What does Trump want?  He has no idea.

What does Un want?  A picture with Trump.

My guess is that nothing of substance will take place.  Both will claim victories and claim to be close friends.

Let’s see what happens.

Up, up and away…



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