The Trump/GOP translator

This just in:  Beware of words, they can be misleading; especially if that is what they were intended to do.

Here are a few Trump words and their translations…

“Believe me” translates into..“I am lying to you.”

“Trust me” translates into “I cannot be trusted.”

“Everyone says this” translates into “I’m saying this and no one else, however, I want you to think everyone says this so that my words carry a heavier weight.”

“Lots of legal scholars say this” translates into “No legal scholar that is not on my payroll said this.”

“Witch hunt” translates into “I believe you can be manipulated into believing this in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

“We have started building the wall” translates into “We have taken the first step which is to start talking as if we are building a wall when we are not.”

“Scott Pruitt is doing a great job at the EPA,” translates into “Scott Pruitt is doing a great job at dismantling the EPA.”

My administration has done more than any other administration in the history of our country” translates into “We have passed a tax plan that takes from the poor to give to the rich AND…I have done nothing else.”

“We are being treated unfairly by these trade deals” translates into “I have no idea what is in any of these trade deals but I need to act like I can fix something that may or may not be broken so you will clap for me at my rallies.”

“I can pardon myself,” translates into “I hope Mueller understands that I will drag out my defense forever should he choose to indict me.”

“I have great respect for women” translates into “I like to have sex with women as an affirmation of my wealth and self-confirmation that I am not a homosexual.”

“We are going to have the best healthcare ever,” translates into “I know nothing about healthcare but I like the sound of your applause when I say words and stuff.”

“I have big hands” translates into “I have small hands.”

“I am being treated unfairly” translates into “I am rich and I should be able to do whatever I want and no one should point out that I can’t.”

Let’s throw in one of the GOP talking points just for fun…

“We believe in patient centered healthcare where you can choose your own doctor” translates into “Every plan proposed so far, including Obamacare let’s you choose your own doctor but we say this anyway so you will wrongs assume otherwise.”

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…


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2 thoughts on “The Trump/GOP translator

  1. Dear Jimmy I wanted to try to understand the liberal thought on issues in our great nation . What I have learned is that I am Ignorant . I have raised two sons without the governments help I had no more children because I could not afford them . I accomplished this without a college degree I own my own home almost paid for . I am now retired with enough money to get by. My mom is 95 she and my dad worked hard . My father never finished school a veteran and built a multi million business . I learned how to handle clean and shoot all of his weapons . I am was taught how to hunt fish and defend my self . These rifles were in a closet loaded not locked . We knew the consequences of using these weapon they were fathers. He taught me how to operate all of his heavy equipment how to cook keep a home Repair the lawn mower and clean a plug drain all without a cell phone. Brother and I learned how to operate moms sewing machine We learned how to wash iron our own clothes to help our Mother as she worked everyday. I learned from my grandmother and parent how to Garden and can. We learned how to rope and ride as my dad also raised cattle Lost a bit of money but he enjoyed every minute of it. Oh yeah he taught us how to Cuss ha! We watched our dad help people in his own way . He taught men how to properly use a shovel. How it may only be a shovel but what you could a accomplishe with just a simple shovel Most men would get angry with him but they would stick it out. He would show them how to operate a dozer or scrapper get them in the union and hire them on . Those men stuck with him thru good and bad times raised family Bought homes . I am very proud of my Ignorant Family

    • Hi Jeneane! It’s been a long time.

      I don’t consider myself a liberal. I prefer the term “Progressive”. I struggle to understand the conservative perspective like you are trying to understand the left. My experience is that in the end, the desires of the Far Left and the Far Right are very similar. They just differ on the effects of different steps to get to that common end.

      I think I’ll make today’s blog about that…somehow.

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