Trump – America’s Hitler

This just in:  Growing up, I wondered how someone like Hitler was able to rise to power.  It seemed unlikely that everyone would just stand around and do nothing.

Now I understand.  I understand because Trump is our very own version of Hitler.  He’s consolidating his power.

And…we just stand around doing nothing.

Now I know that the term “Hitler” is a bit overused but I think it’s appropriate for Trump.  Yes, there are some differences.  Trump hasn’t invaded Poland, yet.  Trump has not killed 6 million Jews.

However, if you view the “Hitler” reference as someone that a nation’s leader, is highly corrupt, extremely nationalistic, preaches populist propaganda, blames other (specifically, non-whites and non-Christians) for the country’s problems….then Trump is very Hitler.

Within the last couple of weeks, China granted Trump’s daughter “5 valuable trademarks”.  China also agreed to finance $500,000,000 of a Trump resort in Indonesia.  Then…in what Trump calls an unrelated event, he lifts sanctions on a China telecom company that was spying on the United States.  He gives no reason for this other than “saving jobs in China.”

People have marvelled that Trump’s claim of being able to stand on 5th Ave. in New York and shooting a person would not cost him votes.  Turns out this is true.  Why?  Because racists see him as their legitimizer.  He makes their hate real and mainstream.  He hates along with them and for this…they will forgive anything.

If Trump did a press conference and spoke for the heart about the evils of racism, that would cost him more votes than if he had every third person in Congress hung.

He got into office, not on his policies but on the promise that he would purge the country of non-white and and non-Christian people.

I could right a book about the corruption but that has already been done; several times.

He’s openly racist.

He’s openly corrupt.

We all know this.  In fact, everyone in the world knows this.

And, we stand by and do nothing.


Up, up and away…



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6 thoughts on “Trump – America’s Hitler

  1. Well Jim, I just put this on FB. I guess I will just delete the idiotic comments I expect to get. Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight. Best – Janyce

    • Hi Janyce, Thanks for reposting. I’ve been off of FB for all of May. The main reason…I get tired of the comments like “Trump is going great things for our country” in the face of evidence to the exact opposite.

  2. My SO Andy and I were discussing this (again) last night: why is Congress doing absolutely nothing to get rid of this guy? Nothing! We decided it’s either because they are gaining too much money from Trump and his cronies, or they’re too panicked about their re-election. Either way, they aren’t representing American citizens. I, too, am reposting your blog to FB, Jim. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Valerie,

      Thanks for the repost. Sounds like you and your SO are on the same page about Trump. I know of families where they are on complete opposite sides and it is a VERY BIG DEAL.

  3. What is you definition of doing nothing? The House is in chaos as man Rs retire and there are more women running for House seats than ever before. The country, the entire country, gets to vote in November and completely change the House if they choose and if they get out and vote.
    What do you propose the “we” do? Overthrow Trump and truly confirm we have turned into a banana republic? Not following democratic and political norms is not against the law. Has he benefited unfairly, it seems so but facts and the law matter evern if they don’t matter to Trump.
    What is doing nothing?

    • What is “doing nothing?” Good Question. I think I’ll take a stab at that with today’s post.

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