I looked in the mirror and came away…disapointed

This just in:  Some things really get to me and others just roll off my shoulders, unnoticed.

I woke up this morning and checked my news feed and felt like our country is crumbling before my eyes as I stand by and do nothing – other than pound my chest via this blog.

There are three things that really bothered me in the news today, but first…I want to start with a quote:

“Every country has the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

In short, what I am about to complain about is my fault.  Rather, its our fault.  It’s our fault because we allow it.   It’s our fault because we feel helpless.  It’s our fault because we do nothing. It’s our fault because we ignore it.  It’s our fault because we think it’s not.

Item #1:  Guns

I’m not going to make an argument about gun control.  I won’t because it won’t change a single mind.  But, I need to be clear…Without guns, the United States wouldn’t have 36,000 gun deaths a year.  I’m tired of hearing things like “We, in congress, will do whatever it takes to make this stop…even if it means sending twice as many thoughts and prayers as normal.”

We have gun deaths because we allow it.  We don’t need to pull triggers to be culpable in every preventable gun death.

Item #2: Religion

I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim or belong to the Order of the Jedi.  The only thing I truly believe is that if there is a supreme being, it would either be (1) indifferent about us or (2) a total asshole or (3) deeply disappointed in the fact that we use religion like we do.

I think the Pope is a great guy.  I also think he has as much of a direct line to God as my Labrador.  None of us knows the will of God.  Those that tell you they do are just making a power grab.

The biggest problem with religion in the United States is that the same people that don’t think gun deaths are related to guns, also fear that Christianity is going to become a minority “belief system” in the United States.  They think that guy over there will convince someone to believe that he knows the will of God instead of the charlatan that is currently telling you that very same thing.  The biggest problem is that these people vote…in droves.

Item #3: Racism

In the last week, a lawyer went off script in New York because people around him were speaking Spanish.  Two dark skinned guys were detained by an ICE officer because they were speaking Spanish in public (both were U.S. citizens).  A black man was pulled over for not using his turn signal.  They noticed leaves on his windshield and said, “That looks like vegetation” and used that as an excuse to search his car.  Black people are being shot and threatened daily.

Historically, in our country, steps forward in Civil Liberties have always come by way of legislation.  Left to our own devices, we would still have laws that say, “You can’t eat here because the color of your skin if offensive to me.”

Living in a system where Civil Liberties are Legislated, allows me to pretend that we are not racist.  The racism is hidden because that type of behavior is illegal.

Now that we have a racist president, it has become okay to be racist again.  You can call the cops because there is a black man walking down “your” street.  You can call the FBI because a Muslim is talking into a cell phone in “your” mall.

So there you have it…my morning rant.

We don’t have to be country that puts up with any of this.  In fact, we were born into  the world were these behaviors would have been unthinkable.  I can’t see our Forefathers writing a Constitution that says: (1) Unlimited and unregulated guns will make us great or (2) To be a citizen you must first pledge allegiance to a Christian sect of your choice or (3) Only white people will have rights.

I you disagree with me, I’d love to hear about it.  If you agree, then I suggest you start doing something about it….Something like voting in November.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…



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2 thoughts on “I looked in the mirror and came away…disapointed

  1. So on Point 1- this is true of many things that kill here in the USA. We could put draconian rules in place to curb obesity and all the health related issues that come with it, including jacking up the cost of health care for all of us.
    We could decide that we will put limiters on engines for cars to ensure they can’t speed wildly and also cognitive tests to start the engine to minimize the ability to drive impaired
    Both the above will save more lives than focusing on guns-> my point is that if the goal is to save the most lives then you need to look elsewhere. If the goal is to limit the means for someone to be able to kill multiple people quickly and easily (so as to rule out the people who say “but knives kill”) then you may have a point- except now vehicles are being used to kill many at once.

    2 Religion- religion has always been used as a source of power and control. Doesn’t matter the dietly or the time in history. Hell Christians began slaughtering each other less than 100 years after the supposed death of Jesus- why? Because each had their own Jesus myth and the other one was heresy. Organized religion is about control. However, to their credit, younger generations are turning away from organized religion because of the actions of those “religions”/carnival barkers and so called spiritual leaders.

    • Jimbo,

      See…just like FB.

      I’m not frustrated by the death count. Death is inevitable so why over think it? My problem is with the rationale around it. “Don’t have abortions because…Jesus.” “Don’t speak Spanish because…this is Merica!” “Guns don’t kill people so why talk about guns?” This type of nonsense.

      It’s like saying, “The reason there is world hunger is because people aren’t chewing their food properly. It has nothing to do with lack of food available to the hungry.”

      I guess, in the end, the stupidity of “us” bothers me.

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