How would you spend your taxes?

This just in:  On 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago, there was a segment about a program at MIT where students invented stuff.  Combine this with stories we often hear about soldiers that come back from the Middle East, traumatized, and with no idea of why they were sent there in the first place.

This made me think, “If I were King, how would I spend my tax dollars.”

I thought I would offer up a few choices.

Let’s start with…

  1. Which would you rather do: (1) Pay no taxes and have only toll roads and private schools  or (2) Pay taxes to finance things that promote the public good?
  2. Which would you rather spend tax money on: (1) sending soldiers to Syria or (2) doubling the budget for NASA?
  3. Which would you rather spend tax money on: (1) sending soldiers to Afghanistan or (2) high speed transportation between cities and population hubs?
  4. Which would you rather spend tax money on: (1) Subsidizing the oil industry or (2) financing research into finding cures for things like Alzheimer’s or cancer?
  5. Which would you rather spend tax money on: (1) A military that is larger than the next 10 militaries put together (many of whom are allies) or (2) State of the art education that is available to all Americans, not just the wealthy?
  6. Which would you rather spend your tax money on: (1) Building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that can be defeated by a $20 ladder or (2) Universal healthcare that makes sure no one ever goes without healthcare and no one ever declares bankruptcy because of their medical bills?
  7. Which would you rather do: (1) Spend money on tanks and foot soldiers suitable for warfare as it existed 50 years ago but has no relevance to today or (2) Revitalize inner cities with the goal of every American being able to live free of fear with equal opportunity to the benefits of being an American (healthcare, education, freedom etc.)

And now one final one for my Republican readers (if there are any)…

Which would you prefer:  (1) a food program that makes sure no child in our country ever goes hungry of (2) allowing millions of children to go hungry because less than 1% of those on such a program are lazy?

There you have it.

Now…I have to run off and save the world.

Up, up and away…


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8 thoughts on “How would you spend your taxes?

  1. The problem with the “this or that” comparison is that without an opportunity cost it is just a fanciful thought experiment unrelated to the world.
    Example- defense spending. I have shown you data that shows that deaths due to war/conflict in the post WW2 world are dramatically lower per capita than at any time in history, dramatically lower. There is at least correlation to US defense spending. Every time the US has drastically reduced defense spending conflict goes up. Is the risk worth possible reward?
    High speed mass transit- this may actually be able to be sold with the youngest generations because they seem not as into needing a car- however it also means they live near a large employment hub. In the past transit schemes have failed because no matter how wiz-bang people would not use them with enough volume to support. To force this would need a mandate on restricting personal vehicle use- again not going to fly with older generations maybe with the younger ones.

    Right now the biggest dilemma facing us is climate change and the potential effects yet nearly 50% of the citizens and over 90% of the Republican party do not think it is real and thus don’t want to do anything to prepare for it much less try to slow it down.

    • This is exactly a “fanciful thought experiment.” However, let’s look at a couple points….Big military = fewer deaths…I believe this. Does that mean that other means of spending money won’t have even better results? High speed transit fails, in my humble opinion, because we haven’t reached the tipping point; that point where cars are too expensive and housing is too expensive and the job is 2 hours away. We are just about there now, at least in California. This does fit in nicely with solutions to climate change.

      Jimbo, glad you found me outside of FB.

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