The Great Republican Cash Grab

This just in:  We have two political parties.  What we don’t have is two “opposing” political parties.  One is in the business of governing while the other is playing the “long con.”

The term “con” comes from confidence.  A “con man” is one that gains your confidence and then gets you to give him anything he wants; usually power and money.

Let’s look at the evidence…

Fact #1: Citizens United is a Supreme Court ruling that allows nearly unlimited campaign contributions.  A huge part of these contributions can be made anonymously.  The result is record amounts of money being spent on campaigns.

Fact #2:  When individuals and companies make huge contributions to a party or specific candidates, they expect something in return.  This is a normal expectation and….if it can be proven….is illegal.  That is, if there is a Quid Pro Quo (you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours).  If, as a Republican, I take NRA money and agree to support them because of this money, I am in big trouble.  To avoid this, I recommend the Marco Rubio gambit which is to say, “The NRA supports my agenda.  That is why they give me so much cash.”

Fact #3:  Mitch McConnell, as a representative of the Republican Party, supports the Citizens United ruling.  He calls unlimited money flowing into our political system “Free Speech.”

Fact #4:  The NRA is being investigated for funneling money into the Republican Party for Russia.  In other words, a foreign country is financially supporting the Republican Party.

Fact #5: There is a rapid increase in the number of investigations and accusations about foreign countries and money.  All have to do with the Republican Party.  There is an investigation about Saudi Arabia secretly contribution to the Republican Party.  There is Russia being investigated for laundering money with Trump.  There is Trump senior advisor, Kushner, being investigated for using his position to secure half a billion $$ in loans.

Fact #6:  The recent tax bill gives virtually nothing back to the American people for the 1-2 trillion dollar debt it is causing.  Unless, of course, you are in the top 1% or are in the business of real estate.  Those two, along with many companies and foreigners are the ones taking the lion’s share of this tax break.  By “lion’s share” I mean 90% of it.

Fact $7:  Recall that “con” means gaining confidence from those you will swindle.  The Republican Party said the tax bill would create jobs and raise wages.   It has done neither.  Since it now appears to be creating a huge debt, as predicted by nearly every economist, the Republicans are saying, “It is now necessary to cut Social Security and Medicare.”  In the face of the obvious fact that the tax break is causing this debt, they turn and blame the poor. There cannot be a more transparent example of stealing from the poor to give to the rich…ever.  I saw today where the Republican Party wants to make sure people getting federal aid are working as much as they can.  So, to get your $500 monthly check…you better be serving fries at McDonald’s as well.  This is part of the “con”.  It’s like saying, “See how we work hard to keep the lazy from taking money out of your pockets.”  Keep in mind, the Koch brothers, who paid the Republican Party to pass this tax bill are now making an extra $27 million a week profit.

Fact #8: The Democrats also have Dark Money.  They need it to compete.  After all, money wins elections.  However, the Democrats also routinely call for an amendment to our Constitution that will overturn Citizens United.  In other words, they take the money but would prefer a system where they didn’t have to in order to govern.

Yes, we have two political parties.  One that tries to govern and one that should be in jail.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…



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