Traitors in the Mist

This just in: Shhhhhh….if you look quietly, you can see them.  They are very quiet; hoping to not be noticed by the outside world.  They go about their business of picking away at the American Democracy.  They are….Traitors in the Mist.

Trump is a traitor.  It is my belief that Trump (and family) are being blackmailed by Russia to protect a decades long money laundering scheme.  If you’ve read my blog over the years…you know I am rarely wrong on such things.

Let’s just look at the last 24 hours…

  1. An ex spy from Russia is poisoned in the UK
  2. The UK blames Russia for the poisoning.
  3. Tillerson blames Russia for the poisoning.
  4. Trump fires Tillerson.

Trump has failed to implement sanctions on Russia for election meddling in spite of a nearly unanimous push to do so from Congress.

Trump never admits Russia meddled in elections.  Instead he says, “It could be Russia or China or a bunch of other players.”  He just said the same thing about who poisoned the UK ex spy.

Trump is not the only traitor…

Mitch McConnell was told about Russian meddling by Obama before the election.  Not wanting to interfere with the election outcome, unfairly, Obama asked McConnell to help put out a joint statement about the meddling.  McConnell refused thus allowing the interference to continue.

The Republican Congress has passed a budget that decimates our healthcare system and creates monstrous debts all in order to give huge tax cuts to the richest people in the country.  They then, almost immediately, announced plans to go after Social Security and Medicare to pay for those huge tax cuts.

I could go on and on.  However, why bother.

Those that want to see the traitors have no trouble doing so.

Those that don’t….see nothing.

Up, up and away…


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